Installation and Maintenance Procedure Checklists for Mobile Devices

June 1, 2015
Elevators, HVAC, Mobility & Devices
2 min read

Using Mobile Devices for Checklists and Workflows

Using mobile applications for checklists and workflows makes keeping field staff up to date with regulatory changes easy by giving them an up-to-date processes that your organization can edit on the fly.

There are other benefits to using mobile apps to distribute and record task lists, including:

Ability to Create Variations of a Checklist for Different Regions

For multi-location service providers, keeping track of different processes for different regions and making sure that all regulatory needs are met in each jurisdiction your organization operates in can be a quite cumbersome. With electronic checklists and workflows on a mobile app, you can create region-specific workflows for when similar activities might require different processes.

Paperwork Reduction

By distributing new workflows and checklists electronically, your organization reduces its reliance on printed documents. This makes it easier for field staff to thoroughly document activities.

Faster Job Reporting

When field staff complete tasks and log them into FIELDBOSS your head office is notified immediately, or as soon as field staff establish an internet connection. Long gone are the days where a report is mailed in or delivered. This gives your project managers the ability to collect and report to customers in real time.