New Development: Two Elevators in One Shaft

April 10, 2020
2 min read

The magazine Wired recently penned an article detailing a very cool new development in the world of vertical transportation. The engineers at ThyssenKrupp in Germany have developed a new way to have two elevator cabins within a single elevator shaft; they call it Twin. The idea is that you can save space and become more efficient by grouping multiple elevator cabins in one shaft. This methodology fits in with the overall office space philosophy many leading companies are adopting: trading spacious suburban office parks for swanky high-rises downtown. The extra room offices are afforded in suburban industrial parks is exchanged for a chic downtown locale, however this means that these companies need to economize on space being used in order to fit the same amount of people in the smaller new space.

The invention is dependent upon sophisticated software that groups elevator movement based on who is going where. Instead of pushing the button to be dropped off, these elevators take into account the destination of passengers and organizes passengers based on this information. Wired reports that ThyssenKrupp claims the new system can move 40 percent more passengers than conventional methods. The new system also comes with enhanced safety features. Software ensures the elevators never come closer than at least one floor apart to ensure smooth rides. Both cabins are also equipped with automatic emergency brakes as well as electronic safeguards built into the software.

This new technology will likely be adopted quickly by the mass market if it performs as well as ThyssenKrupp is saying it does. Wired reports that the Georgia Institute of Technology has ordered five of the Twin elevator shafts in a new building to be completed in 2018, and more will probably be on their way after that.

TWIN is one of the newest developments in the world of elevators, but definitely not the last. The elevator industry is constantly changing and thrives on technological development. The good news is that a flexible Elevator Contractor Management Software Solution can accommodate these changes by adding or changing custom fields, so any new modifications can be integrated into your business.

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