Outdated Software is Costing You More Than it Saves

November 11, 2020
2 min read

Today, most field service companies are using some type of field service management software. If the software is doing its job, your organization should be experiencing improvements in revenue generation, customer satisfaction, billing velocity, reporting and high rates of technician utilization. If you are not realizing positive performance metrics, than it’s time to replace your field service software.

For many companies, the problem isn’t that the software isn’t working – it’s that the software isn’t working enough! They’re getting by with what they have and until a catastrophic event happens, they stick with the status quo. This is called an operational trap; feeling that they’re too busy to make changes, their current software is ‘fine’ and now isn’t the right time to upgrade. They fear the change-induced disruption and extra work that any major software upgrade creates. They know they need to make changes not only for the health of their company, but for their own health as well. Every single day that decision makers put off upgrading their field service software, they’re putting their business at risk.

Here are some tell-tale signs that now is the right time to make a change:

  1. Your current solution lacks flexibility and scalability
  2. Your software does not connect your office to the field
  3. Lack of visibility into field service operations is resulting in poor forecasting
  4. Service-to-cash cycle is slow
  5. Field employees are driving to/from the office just to drop off or pick up paperwork
  6. Information is being re-keyed into disconnected back-office systems
  7. Inefficient Maintenance Control Program
  8. Inventory is lost or being stock-piled in trucks
  9. Invoices/Work orders are getting lost, destroyed or are illegible
  10. You have been hacked
  11. Customer retention rate is low
  12. Call-to-service time is causing customers to wait too long
  13. Poor optimization in dispatch and scheduling, causing unnecessary truck rolls
  14. Inflated timesheets/overtime
  15. Your current system is costly to operate and maintain
  16. Low first-time fix rate

Delaying major expenditures to upgrade your field service software may seem like a good idea for your bottom line, but in reality, it could be costing your business more than it saves. Although the potential downtime to learn a new system and have your employees trained can be frustrating, it’s worth it in the long run.

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