Reducing The Stress and Risk of Litigation

July 2, 2015
Elevators, General, HVAC, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
2 min read

Luckily, companies using FIELDBOSS can deal with litigation or the threat of litigation better than most. FIELDBOSS clients have a lot more control over these threats because the fundamental benefit of FIELDOBOSS is that all the data and knowledge of the organization’s customers, suppliers, staff, and equipment is connected, documented, and readily accessible. That means producing documentation to defend yourself can be compiled quickly, and cost effectively. This allows you to make strong defences against challenges easy, on target, and sends an early message they might want to think twice before they take you on.

FIELDBOSS is an activity based system. That means that everything going on in your business, such as service activities, phone calls, emails, pictures are logged against a service call, maintenance procedure or installation project. A detailed claim defence file that is quickly turned around to the other side’s lawyers will start conversations about ‘do we really want to do this?’

With FIELDBOSS, your business risk is lower, and that means you should be able to relax a little more, with more energy and head space to focus on the things that matter.

For more information or for a demo of how the FIELDBOSS solution can help your business, please contact us here.

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