Regular Elevator Maintenance is the Key to Uninterrupted Operation

June 15, 2018
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The one thing that really annoys building occupants is an out-of-service elevator. Building occupants and visitors expect access to fast and reliable vertical transportation. The growing use of elevators for convenience and access means building owners and managers must ensure important assets, like elevators, are properly maintained. Regular elevator maintenance is the key to uninterrupted operation.

Many building owners wait for a problem to occur, instead of investing in a comprehensive maintenance program to help keep elevator costs low. When an elevator is in desperate need of repairs, the system has become a liability or is no longer code compliant, the cost to solve these problems becomes higher and repairs are more difficult.

The consequences of not conducting regular maintenance are typically observed during the middle and later years of an elevators system’s lifecycle. This is when the effects of maintenance neglect become obvious.

In light of the recent passage of The Access to Consumer Credit Reports and Elevator Availability Act in Ontario, it is even more important to make sure your clients are on a comprehensive maintenance contract.

Let your clients know the benefits of regular elevator maintenance:

  1. Increase tenant retention
  2. Extend the life of existing equipment
  3. Lessen costs by upgrading technology and design, without undertaking lump sum modernisation costs
  4. Eliminate many common problems like improper door operation, inaccurate stopping and inoperative safety devices
  5. Minimise elevator breakdowns in the most cost effective way

As an Elevator Service Contractor, preventive maintenance and service contracts are the most profitable source of revenue. Businesses that perform preventive maintenance out-earn companies that don’t.

An all-in-one Elevator Contractor Management Solution can help your Elevator Company provide the highest quality preventive maintenance program that will keep you compliant with regulations, keep your customers happy and increase your revenues.

The right software can:

  1. Place preventive maintenance inspections in a scheduling queue. Techs are notified in advance with maintenance tasks clearly defined by equipment type so that maintenance personnel can visibly understand their responsibility for performing each required task.
  2. Provide a convenient, detailed checklist of maintenance tasks scheduled to be performed that can be accessed by field staff anytime, anywhere.
  3. Keep a Maintenance Tasks & Records Log.
  4. Record all maintenance tasks for each unit.
  5. Provide readily available historical data for each unit.
  6. List of all code-required tests and a place to record the results.
  7. Maintain a permanent copy of maintenance records in case of audits. Give your clients the confidence and peace of mind that their elevating equipment is being maintained by partners who are committed to protecting their investment.
  8. Build stronger customer relationships by having regular contact through maintenance visits.
  9. Increase overall revenue by selling and renewing more maintenance contracts.

As customers continue to expect superior service, and government enforced regulations become even stricter, elevator contractors must supplement existing break-fix schedules with ongoing Preventive Maintenance programs. With a comprehensive Elevator Contractor software solution, implementing these programs has never been easier.

Contact FIELDBOSS and learn how we can help you provide a top-notch PM program.

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