RESCO Mobile CRM Offers 40 New Features in Autumn Update

November 4, 2016
Mobility & Devices
1 min read

Some of the highlights are:

  1. Create custom dashboards right within the app: users can select numerous entities (tasks, appointments, activities), add action buttons, and display records on a list, map, or as a chart to create dashboards meaningful specifically to them.
  2. Calendar hub: users can display multiple entity types at the same time in the calendar; e.g., they can have all their tasks, appointments, and any other activities visible at a single glance
  3. Responsive list design: Items on a list can automatically change their appearance to make better use of the screen space available, e.g. switch from a two-row design to a single-row look when a user expands the list view across the screen.
  4. Resco LoginTagTM technology: allows companies to encode users’ access credentials into QR codes and NFC tags, to speed up and secure the login process.

Visit RESCO to see the entire list of new features, or to view the latest functionalities in action.

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