Resco Mobile CRM Spring 2013 Update

April 16, 2013
Mobility & Devices
2 min read

Resco Mobile on Microsoft Surface

Our partner Resco is one of the global leaders in the development of cross-platform mobile software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Optimizing work and productivity is at the core of everything they do.  Today, with many employees constantly on the move, Resco Mobile CRM allows immediate access to the information you need via your mobile device. It doesn’t matter where your employees are or even if a data connection is available. Resco Mobile makes your employees more efficient users of Dynamics CRM.

As a Resco partner, we provide a complete customization of the Resco Mobile CRM solution for our customers.  With our expertise in Mobile CRM, we can perform a vast range of customizations; such as adding custom entities, designing views, forms, dashboards, maps and much more.  So naturally, the Resco Mobile CRM Spring 2013 Update has us here at FieldBoss excited for the new possibilities we can deliver to our current and future customers!

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Keep reading, to get the complete details behind the new features, improvements and extra security measures that are part of this upgrade.

New features and improvements

  1. Woodford configurable HTML5 iFrame support — access to a particular website and its full content in an offline mode, with access to the Resco JavaScript Bridge
  2. Custom entities and views on an interactive map
  3. Use of GPS position from an associated entity
  4. Configurable Pin image on map
  5. Configuration of colors on bar, column or line charts
  6. View can be flipped from list to chart (for entity with a chart)
  7. Calendar Configuration — selection of activities to show
  8. Style Editor — for form items and list items (Position, Alignment, FontSize…)
  9. Allow constant list cells (with localization support)
  10. Special “Duration” field type control
  11. Calendar drag&drop scheduling for Android
  12. Custom status code support for closing Opportunity, Quote, Order, Invoice
  13. Use of new webservice method available in RU12 —  significant sync upload speed increase (4x-10x)
  14. Save signature as PNG (as opposed to only SVG)
  15. LoadEntity (load parent entity) for form rules — handles parent entity fields as variables
  16. Filter option set picklist according to other field’s value
  17. Search in rule editor