Say “Cheers” to the Consulting Team!

June 14, 2021
Just for Fun
2 min read

Everyone grab a drink, raise your glass, and say hello to FIELDBOSS Consulting!

Our FIELDBOSS consulting team is a talented and unique group of savvy pros. Our 10 consultants are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet, but they also know how to have fun. Every month the FIELDBOSS consulting team gets together for a social gathering (virtual these days), but are super excited for when they can get together in person for patio season!

Corey Barss, the FIELDBOSS Consulting Practice Manager, (check him out in the bottom right hand corner) invited us to have a peek into their latest social gathering to see what goes on.

Corey, can you give us a little background on what these social gatherings are all about?

These fun meetings typically involve some light items such as:

  • Work anniversaries
  • Some open floor brainstorming (any ideas for improving our client onboarding)
  • A time for every team member to share anything going on personally (outside of work) since the last meeting. Teammates have shared their big plans, their hikes, their renovations, their hobbies and more. We have heard about new houses, new pets and new pregnancies during these sessions.
  • And of course, we always end with a game!

Any big news from this happy hour?

This particular meeting was the first one with two of our newest team members, Paul and Jonathan B.

David walked the team through his passion for music and how he spent his stay-cation working on jazz music all day and collaborating with other artists (he plays the saxophone).

It was Olga’s turn to lead the game. She created a quiz with the goal of revealing the breed of dog her family would be getting. The answer: A Standard/Scott’s Type American Bulldog! This was a tough one to guess…It was a looooooong process to figure out a breed. But look how cute that face is!

What’s the plan for next month’s social?

Next month, Andrew will be leading a beer sommelier course and teaching the team the difference between certain styles of beer.

Everyone else at FIELDBOSS will be really jealous of that one. We might just have to steal that idea for the next marketing meeting.

We hoped you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the FIELDBOSS consulting team. Stay tuned to learn more about the rest of the staff at FIELDBOSS!