Sneak Peek into FIELDBOSS 4.5 – Reporting Revamped

October 13, 2021
2 min read

We are excited to announce FIELDBOSS version 4.5 – the latest release of our industry leading field service contractor management software, built for the Microsoft Cloud and within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We regularly update our FIELDBOSS software to introduce new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Major new releases are largely based on industry specific feature and functionality improvements requested by customers and on new capabilities in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Available for new customers this November and existing customers in December, this release offers many new features and enhancements that we cannot wait to share with you.

Here is a sneak peek into Reporting:

FIELDBOSS 4.5 delivers substantial reporting improvements to an already industry leading subset of tools and data access for users.

The new Reporting features in FIELDBOSS 4.5 include:

  • New rollup fields and charts on both the Account and Job Site
  • Dynamic Reporting based on Maintenance Contract Vs. Non-Maintenance
  • Improved WIP reporting (Time stamped transactional data)
  • New organization dashboards, designed for specific reporting requirements
  • Transaction entity for all cost-based transactions that can be used for custom reporting requirements
  • Power BI integrated reporting*

In FIELDBOSS 4.5, all Accounts and Job Sites will now have a “Financial” section. The Financial tab will show Maintenance/Non-Maintenance Revenue, Cost and Gross Margin totals and yearly amounts dynamically as work is completed and billed.

The Financial tab will also show the above data in an easy-to-understand chart, which can also be adjusted by the user or consultant to fit your requirements. This feature will allow Account Managers and Owners to effortlessly see which Accounts and Job Sites are the most profitable and adjust business process for locations that have increased costs.

Building Margins

Project Reporting (WIP) has also been improved in FIELDBOSS 4.5. With our advanced “Cost Breakdown” section, users can now see a full dynamic analysis of the Project. Project costing is displayed by month and separated via Labor, Material, Sub-Contractor and Expenses. Project Managers can now adjust Project Phases and see full monthly cost breakdowns allowing for more efficient schedules and cost analysis.

Project Cost Breakdown

Stay tuned for more new feature breakdowns. For more information on FIELDBOSS and details on the new release, please contact us or schedule a personalized demo.