The Cost of Dynamics CRM Online vs CRM On-Premise

July 30, 2015
Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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Premise deployments are highly configurable and can be as secure as you want them to be. But security flexibility comes at a price, as companies will incur significantly more labour costs as well as the ongoing cost of SSL certificates. With CRM Online, the entire system is secure by default. Refer to the Microsoft Trust Center to read about all the different ways CRM Online is compliant with government legislation.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is much easier to administrate as everything can be managed from one console.


When it comes to reporting, CRM Online is less flexible. For most companies, the bulk of their business intelligence needs can be met from a combination of CRM dashboards, PowerBI and Excel Online Integration. On-premise deployments will leverage CRM dashboards, views, and SQL Reporting Services that take advantage of report account context and pre-filtering tools. CRM Online’s Fetch XML is not as good.


While the core CRM functionality can be considered to be equivalent between the two deployment options, CRM Online gets new functionality earlier and generally has more additional features. The upcoming CRM Online Carina release includes greater immersive Excel integration, One Note integration, customizable themes, and improved mobile capabilities. These features are not available for CRM on-premise.

Trouble Shooting

CRM on-premise is much easier to troubleshoot as administrators can run a SQL trace or check event logs at will. All Online administrators users can do is contact Microsoft support for assistance. With the upcoming move to Azure CRM, users will soon be able to take advantage of both worlds.


For most companies, the cost advantages of CRM Online outweigh the benefits of CRM on-premise. To learn what version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is best suited for you, contact us.

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