The Ups and Downs of Elevator Maintenance

April 10, 2017
2 min read

We apologize for the inconvenience: the elevator company has been notified. 

Many of us are seeing signs like this far too often. New statistics show a steady increase in the number of elevator-related 911 calls over the past 15 years, confirming what you may have already suspected – easy access to your upper-level apartment or office is not guaranteed. Aging equipment that is not being maintained is a big part of the problem. While the number of elevators continues to increase, what goes up does not necessarily come down – and there’s not much residents or property owners can do about it.

In Ontario, Canada this has become a crisis. One Ontario Liberal MPP, Han Dong, is on a mission to resolve it.  Dong is introducing a private members bill in which the elevator contractor will be held responsible for fixing outages in a maximum of 14 days; 7 days for long-term care and retirement facilities.  If the contractor does not comply, disciplinary measures will be enforced.  Dong felt moved to take action after being flooded with complaints ranging from entrapments to outages, causing not only inconvenience but also health and safety issues; think seniors or people with mobility issues unable to leave their homes for days on end. The act would also mandate that applications for new building permits include an elevator traffic analysis. This is a common-sense corrective to the obviously deficient current rule: a building of at least seven stories must have at least one elevator.

No matter what city, province, state or country you live in, elevator contractors are responsible for following regulations, maintaining their elevators, and ensuring not only the public’s safety but their employees as well.  A comprehensive elevator management software solution can help your elevator company provide the highest quality preventive maintenance program that will keep you compliant with regulations, keep your customers happy, increase your revenues and keep your elevators moving safely. With automatic alerts to notify you of your maintenance jobs, detailed checklists with tasks, all the historical data of previous work done and parts used, lists of all code required tests, and so much more, your elevator service company will always be organized, efficient and prepared for every maintenance job. With an all-inclusive elevator contractor software solution, implementing these programs has never been easier.

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