Three Ways CRM Software Helps Automate Your Elevator Service Business

May 16, 2013
2 min read

  1. All-in-one software solution:  Using an integrated software solution will put all of your most important data at your fingertips.  Manage elevator maintenance contracts, scheduling and dispatch activities, parts and specifications, service tickets, as well as marketing and sales activities from one location.  You can monitor key metrics from your desktop, your team can manage inventory or customer data, for example, and no one needs to waste time rummaging through file cabinets or fancy spreadsheets for the data needed to fulfill an important customer contract.
  2. Connect your field team to the office:  Build collaboration by connecting your field team and the office.  FieldBoss can be used on mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  Use online mapping technology to route field technicians more efficiently, so they can spend more time with customers and less time driving.  Field technicians can enter maintenance activities and parts used while working on the job.  Your office team can send out invoices faster and you can monitor actual costs versus budgeted costs so you know how much it really costs to satisfy a contract.
  3. Turn more leads into sales:  Microsoft Dynamics CRM also makes it easier to track your sales representatives just like your field technicians.  Know which sales teams are meeting quotas or hitting the sales marks.  Learn where leads are being generated and which have the best conversion rates.  Use this important data to leverage marketing efforts and sales activities to grow your business.

Just like your field team needs the right tool to repair or service an elevator, you need the right tool to run your elevator service business.  Improve productivity in the field and with sales and marketing activities with FieldBoss and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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