Time Cards for Techs: Manual vs Automated

June 8, 2021
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Time is money. Nobody understands that more than field service businesses. Tracking time for field technicians can be a tricky task as field service techs often spend their day in the field away from others, performing services for several different clients. How do you accurately and efficiently log and bill hours for these employees? If your company still uses pen and paper methods or disconnected software, you could be squandering money and wasting time.

Automating your time sheets with a connected field service system like FIELDBOSS allows you to keep track of the hours your employees work in real-time. This eliminates several manual steps, reduces the risk of errors in reporting and ultimately saves time for both the technician and the office staff.

Advantages of automated time cards:

1. Easily Track Your Team’s Time

FIELDBOSS Mobile automated time cards give you full visibility over your team’s time and location while clocked in, across jobs, without any special equipment or extra trips to the office.

2. Improved Efficiency

Save time by eliminating the need for technicians to return to the office to submit their timesheets while freeing up your back office from having to re-key technician’s time into payroll.

3. Improves Data Accuracy

Businesses with multiple disparate systems rely on manual data entry to transfer timesheet information from one system to the next, including invoices. The Aberdeen Group reports that the error rate for mistakes caused by typing in the data can be as high as 15%. You can reduce the error rate to 0% by using timesheet automation that automatically populates time directly from the technician’s mobile device to the office.

4. Faster Turnaround & Improved Cash Flow

With the ability to enter hours directly from the field, you can process payroll faster and invoice clients more quickly. By streamlining the payroll process, not only will your employees and customers be paid on time, but you will get paid faster as well.

5. Examine Your Most Profitable Jobs and Customers

You can automatically determine the profitability of every project and customer by using FIELDBOSS to manage employee time and job cost. Easy to read dashboards can help ensure that every project is worthwhile, and it can give business owners an easy, real-time tool to assess each job.

6. Determine Which of Your Techs Are Most Effective

FIELDBOSS allows you to track each technician’s profitability. The tech that completes the most work orders isn’t necessarily the one who makes the most money, thus it’s critical to understand each tech’s genuine performance.

7. Effectively Audit and Verify Timecard Events

Leveraging the built-in GPS of the devices used by your field workforce—even in remote areas where connectivity is non-existent—timecards are stamped with the techs location. FIELDBOSS enables the GPS location of each clock-in/out event so if the need to audit and verify a time card arises, or to report against time cards for payroll processing, the information is accessible and accurate.

It’s time to get out from behind that mountain of paperwork.

Timesheet automation workflows help the right data get to the people who need to see it, ensuring managers have oversight of what’s happening in the field, and finance departments get information for client billing and payroll.

Contact FIELDBOSS and let us help you increase business efficiency, save time, money, and improve data accuracy.

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