Too Busy to Improve Your Service? Stop Venting and Start Growing.

April 10, 2020
2 min read

It’s amazing the number of times executives from successful HVAC Companies have inquired about HVAC Field Service Management software only to say that they’re too busy to make changes or have their service technicians learn something new. The problem is, during the time upgrading is put off, their business is missing out on growth and revenue opportunities.

HVAC Companies and their technicians can really benefit from a connected, streamlined operation process. Many companies, however, still manage their workforce through an inefficient paper process resulting in missed opportunities, low first time fix rates, lack of critical information and loss of revenue. With no comprehensive field management software, techs have to make unnecessary trips back to the office to look for parts, paperwork, and other information instead of creating new opportunities and servicing customers.

HVAC Companies that have taken the time to upgrade their field service operations and connect the field with their back office have realized significant improvements in field efficiency. This has not only created a more satisfied workforce, but ultimately it has improved customer satisfaction, resulting in additional opportunities for growth and revenue.

So how do you rationalize implementing a new field service management software for your company? Are you experiencing any of the following challenges?

  • Call-to-service time is causing customers to wait too long
  • Poor optimization in dispatch and scheduling, causing unnecessary truck rolls
  • Low first-time fix rate
  • Service-to-cash cycle is slow
  • Lack of visibility into field service operations is resulting in poor forecasting
  • Inventory is lost or being stock-piled in trucks
  • Field employees are driving to/from the office just to drop off or pick up paperwork
  • Invoices/Work orders are getting lost, destroyed or are illegible
  • Information is being re-keyed into disconnected back-office systems
  • Customer retention rate is low
  • Inflated timesheets/overtime

Each day that you delay is costing you money, and potentially putting you at a competitive disadvantage. Automating field service operations not only helps to reduce revenue leakage, but improves customer satisfaction, freeing up resources to focus on growth. With a knowledgeable and experienced partner, the transition from paper to automation can be seamless.

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