TSSA Discloses Escalator and Elevator Inspection Non-Compliance Statistics

December 17, 2017
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Proper maintenance and regular inspections are crucial for the safe operation of elevators in commercial and residential buildings for both the public and the technicians looking after the devices. State/provincial regulations cover the safe construction, operation, and maintenance of elevators, but non-compliance with those regulations is a common occurrence.

At the November TSSA – CECA Ontario town hall meeting, the TSSA revealed their escalator and elevator inspection non-compliance statistics. The sample size was based on the 50,000+ elevators in Ontario. The results were alarming. Given the complexity of the devices, the shortage of experienced staff and the antiquated software that contractors use to run their businesses, things are likely going to continue to get worse. Non-compliance has been increasing steadily since 2013 with most of the violations being Cat 1 and Cat 5. Compliance codes can get very complicated for elevators. Not only are the codes complicated, but they are constantly being updated and modified. In order for these numbers to improve, companies must use an elevator contractor management software to help manage the ever-changing regulations, complexity of maintenance contracts and multitude of devices.

With FIELDBOSS Lift, an elevator contractor management software, and Elevator 365, an elevator management software for building owners, both the contractor and building owner have a real time connection to the elevator mechanic service activities. FIELDBOSS Lift can help you avoid fines by tracking each step of the testing process. Users can create open violation tasks and defects while managing critical dates, defect responsibility and monitor the remediation to completion. Elevator 365 allows building owners to see, in real-time, if and when the scheduled maintenance was performed, as well as if the violations were cleared. This will translate to better compliance and ultimately more profitable maintenance contracts.

Year          Elevator % Non-Compliance        Escalator  %Non Compliance

2013                          69%                                                              82%

2014                          74%                                                              85%

2015                          76%                                                              86%

2016                          76%                                                              90%

2017                          77%                                                              89%

Please contact us for more information on how FIELDBOSS Lift and Elevator 365 can help your company avoid fines and improve your non-compliance rate.

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