What do you want to be when you grow up? An HVAC Technician!

November 16, 2022
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Most kids dream of growing up to be professional athletes, dancers, doctors or even video game designers. Not many dream about becoming HVAC technicians. The negative perception of working in the trades has contributed to the growing labor shortage epidemic facing not only the HVAC industry but other skilled trades as well.

So how can industry representatives tackle one of their biggest challenges?

The first step is changing the perception of the HVAC industry. Ultimately, in order to change its destiny, the HVAC industry will need to change the way outsiders perceive them.

Jill of All Trades

Currently, only five per cent of skilled trades workers across the country are women, according to Statistics Canada.

In Sudbury, Ontario, Canada — The Cambrian College hosted its annual “Jill of All Trades” conference where it brings together girls between the Grades of 7 to 12 to teach them about a possible career in the skilled trades.

It is important to challenge societal norms and show women that a career in the trades is just as valuable as any other. It is time to shift the focus from a male dominated industry and show that women are well-positioned to fill the gaps, but only if given the opportunity.

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Next Up Trades

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ryan Kiscaden, an HVAC/R and plumbing industry representative introduced his own children’s book series titled The NEXT UP TRADES”.

The series goes after a generation earlier than middle- and high school-aged students to introduce parents, guardians, and children to the industry. The first book in the series is called “The Water Came To A Stop”. It is also anticipated that HVAC (The Air Came To A Stop) and electrical (The Power Came To A Stop) stories in the series will follow featuring the same characters.

Kiscaden says “I want the plumbing, HVAC/R and electrical trades to grow, and it starts by changing the perception of the skilled technician.”

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The skilled trades deficit developed over decades. The gap will only begin to shrink if we emphasize all the benefits the skilled trades have to offer and market it to a younger, more diverse demographic. The HVAC industry has not only a tremendous opportunity, but an obligation, to communicate the exciting career opportunities this industry has to offer.

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