Why FIELDBOSS is the Go-To Choice for Contractors Seeking Exceptional Customer Support

April 13, 2023
3 min read

As a field service contractor, you need a software solution that is reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. But just as important as the software itself is the support that comes with it. At FIELDBOSS, we understand that our customers rely on us not just for our product, but for the support that keeps it running smoothly. We understand that software support is a critical issue for customers, and we have made it our mission to provide unprecedented levels of support to our users.

Here are just a few reasons why FIELDBOSS is the go-to choice for customer support:

1. Experienced Support Staff: Our support team is made up of experienced professionals who understand the field service industry inside and out. Our team of consultants is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, such as BCOMM’s, BA’s, Microsoft Program Certifications, Project Management Designations, Certified Professional Accountants, and much more. We have a mix of skillsets, backgrounds, experience, and industry knowledge that allow us to get the right answer the first time.

2. Responsive Support: One of the most important qualities of good customer support is resolution speed, according to our customers. We value our customers’ time and have dedicated staff monitoring our support email inbox every minute of operating hours. By making sure we have staff available with the skills to resolve issues, we resolve over 80% of customer service requests the same day they are made.

3. Comprehensive Training: We know that learning a new software solution can be daunting, which is why we offer comprehensive training to our customers. Our training includes both online and in-person options, and we work with our customers to create a customized training plan that meets their specific needs.

4. Ongoing Support: Our support doesn’t end once our customers are up and running on FIELDBOSS. We provide ongoing, proactive, and documented support to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of our product. When implementing FIELDBOSS, our customers are provided with go-live and post-go-live support budgets and resources to help them master their new system. Once onboarded to FIELDBOSS, our existing client team performs routine system reviews, client check-ins, and open case follow-ups. We document all client support and enhancement requests and categorize them to create a feedback loop of features from our customers for future releases.

At FIELDBOSS, we are CUSTOMER OBSESSED. We understand the importance of exceptional customer support, and we have made it our mission to provide the best support possible to our customers. Our focus on timeliness, proactive and documented support, product knowledge, and empathy makes us the go-to choice for customer support in the industry and provides our customers with the confidence they need to rely on us. Customer success drives every feature we create, every best practice we support through our software, and every innovation we bring to the industry.

If you want to learn more about the FIELDBOSS customer service experience, please contact us or schedule a personalized demo.