Why Preventive Maintenance Should Be Your Priority

February 17, 2016
3 min read

equipment is still working with the hopes of preventing any future breaks from happening. A Preventive Maintenance program helps maximize machine longevity and reliability, rather than making repairs when a machine breaks down, saving time and money while preventing accidents before they occur.

Elevator machinery is getting more complex and contractors and service companies are feeling the pressure to monitor and keep their customers’ equipment safe and up and running. Combine that with the ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, Section 8.6 Maintenance Control Program, and establishing an effective preventive maintenance program is now becoming a necessity.

An all-in-one Elevator Contractor Management Solution can help your Elevator Company provide the highest quality preventive maintenance program that will keep you compliant with regulations, keep your customers happy and increase your revenues.

The right software can:

  1. Place preventive maintenance inspections in a scheduling queue. Techs will be notified in advance with maintenance tasks clearly defined by equipment type so that maintenance personnel can visibly understand their responsibility for performing each required task.
  2. Provide a convenient, detailed checklist of maintenance tasks scheduled to be performed that can be accessed by field staff anytime, anywhere.
  3. Keep a Maintenance Tasks & Records Log:
  4. Record all maintenance tasks for each unit.
  5. Provide readily available historical data for each unit.
  6. List of all code-required tests and a place to record the results.
  7. Maintain a permanent copy of maintenance records in case of audits. Give your clients the confidence and peace of mind that their elevating equipment is being maintained by partners who are committed to protecting their investment.
  8. Build stronger customer relationships by having regular contact through maintenance visits. Your customers will no longer worry about their equipment breaking or be faced with lengthy elevator down time because they’ll trust their new and improved service experience.
  9. Increase overall revenue by selling and renewing more maintenance contracts. The more long-term service contracts you sell, the more secure your revenue streams become. And since service contracts build stronger customer relationships, customers are more likely to upgrade or re-sign a contract. You will also receive automatic notifications when it is time to renew a maintenance contract.

As customers continue to expect superior service, and government enforced regulations become even stricter, elevator contractors must supplement existing break-fix schedules with ongoing Preventive Maintenance programs. With a comprehensive Elevator Contractor software solution, implementing these programs has never been easier.

Contact FIELDBOSS today to learn more about how your Elevator Company can benefit from FIELDBOSS LIFT, the new standard in elevator contractor management solutions.

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