You Can’t Bill What You Can’t Track. Account For Travel Time With FIELDBOSS Mobile

October 16, 2017
2 min read

When it comes to cash flow and profitability for field service contractors, it’s the little things that are a constant concern. One area where field service companies can easily improve is accounting for travel time as precisely as possible. The challenges are threefold:

  1. Getting technicians to accurately record the time
  2. Allocating a full day’s travel time to multiple work orders and payroll time sheets
  3. Accounting for travel time in quotes and invoices so that customers don’t feel like they are being nickeled and dimed, despite the legitimacy of the cost to the contractor.

To help with this problem, we recently updated our FIELDBOSS mobile app to simplify the steps a technician must complete in order to capture time. The travel time tracking solution is configurable to match the way you think will work best with your staff, and includes numerous options such as restricting data input until time is recorded properly, warnings and alerts when time is being posted to the wrong service activity, and live updates in the office for the travel time status of the technician. The data makes it easy for the head office to configure views to parse the time for billing and payroll purposes.

If you would like a deeper understanding of our time tracking solution, contact our client services team to set up an online walkthrough.