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Murphy Elevator

Discover how a growing industrial and commercial elevator service company uses FIELDBOSS to enhance operational visibility, automate key processes, and support its expansion.

Murphy Elevator
Elevator Contracting
Louisville, Kentucky
Murphy Elevator is a fourth-generation family-owned elevator business specializing in repairs, inspections, and installations. Since 1932, Murphy Elevator has expanded to employ over 100 professionals and is renowned for performing services correctly and safely, ensuring reliable vertical transportation solutions for its clients.


As a growing company, Murphy Elevator faced significant challenges with its existing software systems, Total Service and QuickBooks. Total Service was designed for smaller companies and couldn’t scale with its growth. With its progressive operations, Murphy Elevator struggled with operational visibility, making it increasingly difficult to keep track of inventory, manage financials, and oversee other operational aspects. The reliance on manual processes compounded these issues, making day-to-day management cumbersome.

Additionally, Total Service relied on a proprietary database and costly on-premise servers, which led to substantial server management issues and numerous duplicate records. The tech support was unresponsive, raising concerns about future support if the provider ceased operations.

The accounting side was no better; QuickBooks required manual data entry, and generating financial statements was inefficient and time-consuming, often delaying closing.

When it came time to switch, FIELDBOSS was the only ready-built system customized for the elevator space that could support larger growth. This aligned with our goals, and helped us transition from on-premise to modern cloud, scalable infrastructure.
Travis Carlisle
Executive Vice President
Murphy Elevator


Seeking to reduce their dependence on heavily manual processes and secure their systems for future growth, Murphy Elevator began looking for a scalable and robust solution to handle the business’s growing complexities. The search ended at a tradeshow with the discovery of FIELDBOSS, a ready-built field service management system tailored specifically for the elevator industry.

Despite considering alternatives, including building their own software, they chose FIELDBOSS to avoid developer dependency. Also, FIELDBOSS integrated seamlessly with their existing Great Plains accounting system, which was a significant factor in their decision.

Executive Vice President at Murphy Elevator, Travis Carlisle, emphasized the significance of this choice: “When it came time to switch, FIELDBOSS was the only ready-built system customized for the elevator space that could support larger growth. This aligned with our goals and helped us transition from on-premise to modern cloud, scalable infrastructure.” With FIELDBOSS, Murphy Elevator not only found a solution for its immediate needs but also established a solid groundwork for future expansion.

Murphy Elevator implemented FIELDBOSS in November 2020 and has used it successfully ever since. Despite COVID-19 preventing on-site support, FIELDBOSS provided excellent remote assistance throughout the implementation. Data migration was complex due to the previous software’s lack of a relational database, but FIELDBOSS managed it effectively, and employees adapted well to the new system.

We couldn’t be doing the volume of work we’re doing now without FIELDBOSS in place.
Travis Carlisle
Executive Vice President
Murphy Elevator


Upon the implementation, Travis noted, “The support from FIELDBOSS has been awesome in terms of responsiveness and quality training.” Elevator technicians are more self-sufficient with access to critical information when they need it, regardless of their location, and office staff can process work orders more efficiently.

Furthermore, the FIELDBOSS mobile app drastically changed how field techs perform, improving overall transparency across all operations. With access to vital real-time data, Murphy Elevator employees can investigate a work order on-site or from the office – tracking project status from start to finish seamlessly. This ensures timely updates and enhances communication among team members, resulting in more efficient and effective service delivery.

Here are some of the great results Murphy Elevator has achieved since adopting FIELDBOSS:

Full Process Transparency

Murphy Elevator now enjoys complete process transparency and full visibility from the front end, making it easier to catch mistakes or issues promptly. This improvement enhances customer service by ensuring accountability and awareness of project status among employees, transforming the business from reactive to proactive decision-making.

Improved Operations

Operational efficiency has greatly improved with parts being ordered on time, reducing delays. The streamlined processes have minimized the steps required to complete tasks, making it easier to identify.

Cloud-Based Savings

Transitioning from an on-premise solution to FIELDBOSS’ cloud-based platform has brought numerous benefits, including cost-effectiveness, accessibility, scalability, improved performance, and mobile features. This move has modernized Murphy Elevator’s infrastructure, supporting better business agility and growth.

Mobile Efficiency

Field technicians benefit from the user-friendly and functional mobile app, which provides real-time access and data synchronization. This ensures they have the necessary information at their fingertips, enhancing service delivery and operational efficiency.

Supports Growth

Murphy Elevator can now handle a higher volume of work efficiently. The scalable system supports the company’s growth, allowing for seamless expansion without compromising service quality.

Switching to FIELDBOSS has improved process transparency across our organization and ultimately reduced the steps to get tasks done.
Travis Carlisle
Executive Vice President
Murphy Elevator

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