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Rimrock Corporation developed FIELDBOSS when a generator client came to us looking for help to better schedule and bill contracted maintenance. That scope of work turned into an ongoing mission to help make running a growing field service business more efficient and less stressful for both the staff and their customers.

It didn’t take long to realize that it wasn’t just the generator industry that was facing challenges but other field service industries as well. We saw an opportunity to build a solution to change how they operate. The company put together a team of experts who, after much learning, developing and testing, built a tool with a powerful set of functionality in a single application. Since then, FIELDBOSS contractor management software has helped many field service businesses save time, eliminate paperwork, and increase revenue.

With offices in Toronto, Canada and New York City, USA, the FIELDBOSS team consists of CPA’s, Certified Microsoft Technology Specialists and a gifted and quirky team that is fulfilled by developing, implementing and using their world-class software solution to help clients every day.


We believe that you have within your organization all you need to achieve your purpose, to live richly, and to improve the world around you. We can help you recognize the resources at your disposal, and leverage them to achieve your purpose.


At FIELDBOSS, we make it our purpose to ensure you fulfill yours by helping you recognize and optimize all the resources at your disposal.

We provide the software, industry experience, support and training that bridges the gap between where you are now, and where you need to be to thrive in an increasingly difficult marketplace. We will guide you through the transition from your old systems to your new one, leveraging our industry-leading field service software platform, and capitalizing on opportunities for incremental improvement.

FIELDBOSS was built around the belief that everyone who chooses to pursue their potential has the ability to find or develop the means to realize it.

Your bottom line is more than a tally of figures; it is the final sentence in a story that you write every day. Let us help you tell that story.

We promise to help you Find Higher Ground.

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