FIELDBOSS accounting is Microsoft Dynamics GP which delivers timely and accurate reporting and insights. Know where your business stands at all times, so you can operate a financially stable and predictable business.

Accurate Real-Time Data. Every Time.

Sophisticated Accounting Experience


FIELDBOSS uses Microsoft Dynamics GP to provide customers with a sophisticated accounting experience.

Flexible and Configurable


Microsoft Dynamics GP is a highly functional, flexible accounting solution that is quick to configure and deploy, easy to use and provides forward-looking insights to help drive your business growth.

Grows With Your Business


Start with what you need now and easily adapt as your needs change.


Fully Integrated


FIELDBOSS is a fully integrated solution that allows you to streamline cumbersome and error prone processes such as timesheet submission, purchasing and receiving, invoicing, and customer record updates

Trust Your Financials, While Saving Time and Increasing Profitability
Well-Informed Decisions

Integrated software allows finance departments to communicate with other members of the organization. With everyone having access to the same real-time data, questions turn to answers and uncertainty into well-informed, quick-moving decisions.

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Stay On Budget

With real-time access to accurate data at your fingertips, your company can stay on top of budgets for all projects and clients and know the status of a project’s finances every step of the way.

Streamline Error Prone Processes

Our fully integrated solution allows you to streamline cumbersome and error prone processes such as timesheet submission, Purchasing and receiving, Invoicing and Customer record updates.

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