10 Capabilities to Leverage in the New Mobile Inspection Module

May 25, 2020
Elevators, HVAC, Mobility & Devices
2 min read

Resco Mobile CRM, the platform that FIELDBOSS mobile is based on, has released a new module called Resco inspections. This new Inspections module offers contractor field staff increased mobile capabilities and flexibility for more accurate data capture, smoother day-to-day operations, and superior customer reporting.

With the new mobile inspection module, field staff are able to fill out mobile dynamics questionnaires that conform to the exact equipment or compliance needs for tasks such as maintenance checklists, inspections, equipment audits, site surveys, and more. Mobile Inspections can be configured according to team roles with specific approval processes and runs on any device.

The new mobile Inspections module enables your field staff to:

1. Collect detailed information about equipment.

2. Access in app equipment manuals.

3. Follow step-by-step instructions for maintenance tasks.

4. Simplify and enhance training.

5. Increase field productivity by incorporating equipment ID barcode or QR code scanning.

6. Reduce data entry errors by connecting to smart watches and other upcoming data collection devices.

7. Utilize voice control capabilities to fill out forms while keeping their hands free.

8. Capture, highlight, tag, and annotate images that can then be used in customer facing reporting.

9. Create customer reports that also include embedded location information and electronic signature sign off.

10. Improve safety through alerts to prevent injuries and mitigate safety risks.

FIELDBOSS Mobile Inspections is an $8 add on to our mobile app license. Contact FIELDBOSS for more information or a demonstration of how the mobile Inspections module works.