5 Signs Your Field Service Software is Due for an Upgrade

October 18, 2018
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3 min read

If you run a field service company, you know that technology is propelling the industry in a new direction. How quickly and efficiently you implement these technologies and processes into your business practices will determine how profitable you become and how satisfied your customers are. The intense competition to retain and attract new clients is prompting many field service leaders to consider if now might be the right time to replace their existing FSM solution.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your field service software? Here are 5 tell-tale signs to guide you through your thought process:

  1. Your current system is costly to operate and maintain. The reality is if you are spending too much money to operate and maintain your existing system, then it is probably time to replace it. Typically, companies that operate older, disjointed, and/or fragmented systems experience higher IT operating costs than those who do not.
  2. Your existing field service software is hindering your growth. Depending on its feature functionality, your FSM software can either enable or limit your company’s growth. If your existing system does not have industry specific functionality to manage the processes and workflows of your business than it is time to consider a new software.
  3. Your software does not connect your office to the field. This is one of the most frequently mentioned reasons for replacing software. To succeed in the field service industry, it is imperative that your field service software integrates the mobile field service with the back office, allowing data from the technicians, the scheduling engine, and the business systems to be seamlessly integrated. If not, it’s time to upgrade your system.
  4. Your current solution doesn’t track KPIs. Ultimately, your ability to successfully meet financial targets, grow your business and keep customers happy depends on your ability to manage service processes against KPIs. If your current system doesn’t advise you in real-time of your company’s performance on first-time fix rate, completed vs invoiced jobs, customer retention etc, then perhaps its time to consider replacing your current system with one that does a better job and drives performance gains.
  5. Your current solution lacks flexibility and scalability. It is important that your FSM software can scale up or down without a massive investment in capital or labor. In addition, it should offer flexibility in terms of how workers can share and access data. otherwise, you guessed it, time for a system upgrade.

With the quick pace the field service industry is moving, the intense competition for business, the demands from customers and the lack of qualified technicians, the only way to survive and thrive is with the help of a comprehensive field service management software.

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