Elevator 365: Elevator Maintenance Service Task Tracking for Building Owners

September 14, 2017
1 min read

We have recently gone live with our newest software solution, Elevator 365. Elevator 365 allows building owners to monitor and track the elevator maintenance activities performed in their buildings by their contractors. Building owners or property managers can set up the maintenance contracts and service schedules while field service staff simply download the Elevator 365 app to their smart phone. Building owners or property managers will instantly receive real-time updates on maintenance performed in accordance with the terms of their maintenance contracts with the elevator maintenance provider. This allows the building owner to always be certain that they are getting the services contracted for, and that elevators are being properly maintained.

Elevator 365 not only helps building owners lower costs from unscheduled service and improve the efficacy of maintenance performed but also helps in extending the time to modernization and reduces headaches for both building owners and their tenants

Elevator 365 is also beneficial for the elevator contractor because an elevator that is properly maintained will result in profitable maintenance contracts from fewer unscheduled service calls and costly call backs.

For more information visit elevator365software.com.

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