FIELDBOSS Feature Video: Health and Safety Checklist

August 17, 2022
Elevators, HVAC
3 min read

Whether you own a field service company or work as a technician, safety must be a top priority in your day-to-day operations to prevent deadly and expensive accidents in the workplace. Danger exists in the most unexpected places, and technicians must not only follow best field service standards, but also be on the lookout for frequent risks. That’s why FIELDBOSS built the Health and Safety Checklist feature into Service Activities to give you and your technicians peace of mind.


What are Health and Safety Checklists Used For?

In a nutshell: The Health and Safety checklist feature within FIELDBOSS is designed to assist technicians in assessing and identifying workplace hazards that might affect their health and safety while doing a service activity.

Elevator Industry Examples: In the elevator industry, technicians often work in confined spaces to service elevator equipment. Most labour codes and local health and safety regulations ask technicians to perform a thorough confined space risk assessment to ensure that all necessary safety equipment is prepared, and requirements are met prior to starting the service.

HVAC Industry Examples: Technicians often perform work in heights to service HVAC equipment. Health and Safety checklists ensures that technicians identify the risks associated with that service (for example, fall from heights, extreme weather, etc.) and guarantees that they are well prepared for that service.

Other Industry Examples: Whether your organization specializes in power generation, solar, drilling, or general contracting, safety is important. Most labour codes and local health and safety regulations require employers to implement a safety management system of which reporting is one key aspect. The Health and Safety checklist feature within FIELDBOSS can help your organization meet that legal requirement.

The Challenge with COVID-19: Maintaining a healthy workforce is also vital in keeping and growing a well-functioning field service business. The Health and Safety Checklist within FIELDBOSS can also assist with ensuring technicians wear their protective equipment or follow local health guidelines.

How do Health and Safety Checklists work within FIELDBOSS?

Built into Service Activities: Health and safety checklists are built into Service Activities within FIELDBOSS. Once the technician clocks in to the service activity, they are prompted to fill in the health and safety checklist. This can be made mandatory if required.

Interactive, Can Ask for More Information: The health and safety checklist in FIELDBOSS is interactive. The checklist can be designed to add colors to alert the technician if the answer is within the acceptable limit. It can also be designed to ask the technician for more additional information if a certain answer is selected.

Customizable: The health and safety checklist in FIELDBOSS can be modified to comply with the needs of your specific industry, organization, or local regulations.

Reportable: Once the technician fills in the checklist, a report can be generated if needed. All completed health and safety checklists are stored in FIELDBOSS for internal reporting and compliance purposes. Dashboards can be built within FIELDBOSS to keep track of health and safety checklist submissions.

If you have any questions about Health and Safety Checklists in FIELDBOSS or would like to see its full capabilities in a live demo with one of our experts, please contact us or schedule a personalized demo.