FIELDBOSS Honored with Resco Global Partner of the Year Award for Exceptional Collaboration and Innovation

October 30, 2023
4 min read

Toronto, ON — FIELDBOSS, a leading field service management software provider for HVAC and elevator contractors, is excited to receive the Resco Global Partner of the Year Award. This accolade recognizes FIELDBOSS as a top partner, considering the number and size of successfully implemented Resco projects, with a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. The partnership between FIELDBOSS and Resco has evolved over a decade, with a track record of excellence. The award underscores the commitment and expertise of both organizations in delivering innovative technology solutions that empower people working in the field.

Resco, a key mobile app platform industry player, has been integral to almost every FIELDBOSS implementation. FIELDBOSS leverages Resco’s technology to power its mobile app, making it the default mobile platform for HVAC and Elevator contractor field staff. This partnership is defined by a collaborative spirit, where FIELDBOSS identifies market needs and communicates them to Resco, leading to continuous improvements and feature updates in Resco’s product offerings.

Jonathan Taub, President & CEO of FIELDBOSS, expressed his gratitude and underlined the significance of this achievement, saying, “This award is a reflection of what can happen when two organizations collaborate with focus and intent. The foundation of it is the commitment and expertise of staff members at FIELDBOSS and Resco, who are obsessed with the tech that makes the app work for our HVAC and elevator contractor field staff. Add to that the Microsoft Cloud Power Platform that delivers capabilities and risk mitigation, and you have a value proposition that leads the contracting industry worldwide.”

FIELDBOSS has been a dedicated partner of Resco for approximately ten years, earning multiple awards in the past, including the Breakthrough Partner of the Year award in 2020 and the Business Impact of the Year award in 2021. The Resco Partner of the Year Award marks another milestone in their long-standing collaboration.

Corey Barss, Director of Consulting at FIELDBOSS, shed light on their vital role in their partnership, stating, “We drive a significant amount of business for Resco. And more so in the last year with increased users as we’ve expanded our customer base. I think what makes us a unique partner to Resco is that we have a standardized solution that’s extremely detailed and complex, incorporating features from the earliest version to the latest version they’ve developed. We integrate most new features, and our customers test them in the field. We then take the opportunity to provide quality product feedback to Resco that they use to iterate and build a best-in-class mobile solution. Implementing Resco the way we do means our system is a prime example of what they envision the product doing.”

Andrew Glennie, Application Consultant at FIELDBOSS, added, “We adopt their new versions very quickly, inquiring about new features and how to use them to solve our customers’ problems. We’ve been a sounding board for many of their new technologies, and we actually roll them out into the product as early as we can. We’ve often been using new features or functionality before they become widely available or adopted, which means we’re providing quality feedback that serves Resco’s entire client base. This year, we broke through with the original inspection model, showcasing our agility and innovative approach, and helped Resco launch a critical new component. This is great for FIELDBOSS as well as Resco. We focus on being early adopters of every new Resco version.”

The synergy between FIELDBOSS and Resco has been fundamental in ensuring that every FIELDBOSS customer is equipped with the latest Resco technology, enabling field staff to efficiently perform tasks while capturing critical data for reporting and operations. FIELDBOSS’ ongoing collaboration with Resco ensures their mobile platform remains cutting-edge, providing the crucial link for skilled labor in the field service industry.

Jonathan Taub concluded, “Our partnership with Resco has set industry standards and demonstrates how innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to technology can drive the field service management industry forward. This award reaffirms our position as a pioneering leader, and we are excited to continue our journey with Resco.”


FIELDBOSS is a leading provider of field service management solutions for HVAC and elevator contractors. The company offers a comprehensive, integrated platform designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. With a strong focus on innovation and collaboration, FIELDBOSS continues to set new industry standards in the field service management sector.

About Resco:

Resco, founded in 1999, is one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions focused on enterprise mobility and the mobile workforce. The company’s products enable companies to use and collect vital business data in the field and digitize paper-based processes through state-of-the-art technology. Today, 800+ corporate customers with over 160,000 licensed users worldwide use Resco to digitize their field operations.