Selco Elevators Ltd. Case Study: “We Can See Our Business in Full Colour Now”

November 18, 2021
6 min read

The Company

Selco Elevators Ltd. is the largest independent elevator company in the GTA. Over 30 years, they built a reputation of designing, installing, servicing, and modernizing high-end elevators for Toronto’s best residential and commercial buildings. Their team of 170+ elevator specialists bring expertise to all projects they work on.

From Separate Systems to a Fully Integrated Platform

The Challenge

Prior to FIELDBOSS, Selco relied on stand-alone, paper-based systems. It was difficult to manage, and it did not provide adequate visibility on key business metrics. Difficulty gathering cohesive data across business areas was an obstacle to showing Selco’s true value to their customers.

The situation reached a point where Selco could no longer scale effectively and decided it was time to make a change. Selco knew a fundamental change to their business systems was required, and an interconnected system with strong internal workflows was essential. An end-to-end system designed specifically for the elevator industry would provide consistent real-time data.

Such an integrated system would improve speed of execution, response to customer requests, cash conversion cycles, maintenance processes, and invoicing.

The Solution

Selco initially reviewed multiple applications, but many were deemed not a proper fit. Selco then learned about FIELDBOSS from industry colleagues who had recently implemented it. At that point Stephen Taylor, Selco’s Business Manager, was tasked to fully vet the software.

We spoke with Stephen Taylor about Selco’s experience with FIELDBOSS from the initial search to their first-year anniversary.

Fully Integrated Functionality: We Are All Pointed in The Same Direction

Prior to FIELDBOSS, when staff were looking for information, it was hard to find as multiple individuals had their own personal data. With FIELDBOSS, everybody has access to the same records, significantly increasing work throughput. Now, we are all pointed in the same direction.

Response to Customer Requests: Proactive, Responsive & Agile


We pride ourselves on the work that we do and we wanted our customers to see value in what they were paying for.  Requests for monthly reports or proof of work completion required a significant amount of work.


FIELDBOSS has allowed us to be more proactive and responsive, increasing our customers’ trust. Issues are flagged on dashboards in near real-time driving improved response time and transparency.

“Not only does FIELDBOSS provide a single source of data integrity because everything flows through one system, but it also provides that data in near real time.

Dispatch to Invoice Process: Speed Matters


Our paper-based process from initial dispatch to client invoice was challenging and hampered by multiple changes of hands. It often felt overwhelming and did not have the speed and accuracy we were striving for.


With FIELDBOSS, a dispatch call is immediately entered as a Service Activity and necessary information synchronizes to a Mechanic’s mobile device. In the field, after a Mechanic enters work duration, tasks completed, and other pertinent details into their mobile device, data is synchronized back into FIELDBOSS. Operations Managers then review Service Activities and determine which ones are chargeable to the client. Since the workflow is all within FIELDBOSS, Selco’s Accounts Receivable team is notified immediately.

We have enhanced our reputation with clients because of an increased level of trust. Improved professionalism has also helped us build stronger long-term relationships.

Tribal Knowledge: Individual Relationships Vs. Relationship With Selco


It is common in the field service industry to find a few individuals with significant company-wide knowledge that is often undocumented. Without a consistent system, there is a reliance on such great people to provide accurate historical records. We felt our operation was sometimes subordinated to those few great people.

There will always be a need for good people in any business, but for sustained success, they need to be complemented with good systems. In the absence of robust systems, a firm must rely on great people to run it. Before, Selco had a complement of really good people, there were a few stars, but it was never about Selco being the superstar; it was about the individual.


Selco is now operating as an integrated organization and is delivering improved results and value to clients. Combining an excellent process with very good people reduces reliance on superstars and everyone feels more engaged. In the event of staff turnover, new team members learn faster and get up to speed much more quickly.

Making Efficient Use of the Resources We Have

FIELDBOSS has allowed us to better allocate our resources; to make more efficient use of the resources we have. Operating on gut feelings has been replaced with monitoring work activity in near real-time.

For example, the Schedule Board provides a visual indication of a Mechanic with too many calls on their route. If they need help, Dispatch will find a Mechanic close by who can assist. That allows us to be more effective with our use of resources in the field. 

Workload balancing has improved by scheduling multiple Service Activities to a Mechanic while they are at a Building Location. It allows us to work effectively within a budget. 

Phantom Losses – Plugging the Holes


We are always looking to innovate and find ways to be more effective and productive. In that effort, we have developed a strong partnership with FIELDBOSS.

They shared with us what they are working on behind the scenes, so we know they have a solid investment strategy. Not just capital but in their people and ideas as well. We know they’re working to create the best product in the market.

During our initial conversations with FIELDBOSS, they outlined with us their 1, 2 and 3-year product strategy, a vision we did not receive from their competitors.

ROI: Performing Better Today; Positioned For Success in The Future

“It’s very empowering when you have the right tools. Not just the right tool for now, but the right tool for the future. We know FIELDBOSS will be around 10 years from now.”

Our partnership with FIELDBOSS has empowered us to perform better today, but has also positioned us for continued success in the future.

FIELDBOSS paid for itself within a few months. It has positively impacted our cash conversion cycle and will generate an excellent ROI for us for many years to come.

The Result: An Optimized and Effective Business 

FIELDBOSS allows us to quantify our business’ strengths and opportunities more accurately. With that new visibility, changes necessary to continue our success will be based on hard data. We just never had that before.

If you would like to learn how FIELDBOSS can transform your business please reach out to one of our FIELDBOSS experts or schedule a personalized demo.