Elevators: New Innovations and Technological Advancements

Smart Elevator technology is on the rise! Over 12 million elevators are in operation around the globe, which move over a billion people each day. This makes elevators the most frequently used mode of transport in the world – well ahead of cars, planes, or any other mode of transportation. In the past few years, … Continued

FIELDBOSS Lift 2.8 is here!

FIELDBOSS Lift 2.8 is now available for new and existing customers! With version 2.8, FIELDBOSS Lift customers are now able to manage progress billing for construction projects and inventory stock levels within the system much more efficiently. In addition to the two major functionality improvements, version 2.8 adds new features and performance enhancements that continue to … Continued

Ontario Delays Release of Elevator Safety Report

The Ontario government is delaying the release of the elevator safety report commissioned by the TSSA last spring to review the issue of elevator safety and reliability. The report was delivered in November and is being delayed while the Ontario government prepares a response. According to Barbara Hanson, Ministry of Government Consumer Services, the Ontario … Continued

TSSA Discloses Escalator and Elevator Inspection Non-Compliance Statistics

Proper maintenance and regular inspections are crucial for the safe operation of elevators in commercial and residential buildings for both the public and the technicians looking after the devices. State/provincial regulations cover the safe construction, operation, and maintenance of elevators, but non-compliance with those regulations is a common occurrence. At the November TSSA – CECA … Continued

The US Vertical Transportation Market

ElevatorU and Elevator World recently released a report entitled The United States Vertical Transportation Market: U.S. Statistics and Trends. This report outlines the growing and ever-changing elevator industry and the need for elevator contractors and service companies to keep up with the continuous growth. Some highlights from the 38-page report include: General Information & Trends … Continued

Navigating the Constant Change of Elevator Compliance

In an industry that is continuously transforming, it’s no surprise that elevator compliance is also constantly evolving. No matter what country, city or state you live in, governing bodies have been boosting regulatory efforts in an attempt to keep elevators code compliant and millions of passengers safe. In the past five years alone, there have … Continued

FIELDBOSS Lift 2.3 Release Coming Soon

We’re excited to share the features included in our next FIELDBOSS Lift release. Version 2.3 is expected to be released late summer for new FIELDBOSS Lift customers. Thanks to the hard work of our FIELDBOSS team we are now able to offer our customers a lower price point, faster performance, and more functionality. Here are … Continued

Meet Bill! The FIELDBOSS Whiteboard Video is Live.

FIELDBOSS is excited to announce the release of our new whiteboard video. With so much functionality within our software, it can sometimes be challenging to explain to potential customers how they can benefit from ditching their paper process for FIELDBOSS. Our Meet Bill video offers a quick look at how our customers benefit from using … Continued

Who Is Responsible for “Out of Service” Elevators?

In last month’s newsletter, we wrote about a private member’s bill proposed in Ontario, Canada that aims to tackle the major problem of unreliable, broken-down elevators. The proposed act has caused a lot of discussion and debate around the topic of who is responsible for the timely repair of buildings elevators. While the proposed bill … Continued

Elevator Maintenance Crisis in Canada

Recently, there have been several articles published about the safety of elevators and the crisis Canada is facing with Elevator Maintenance. According to the National Post, last year in Ontario alone, firefighters responded to 4,461 calls to extricate people from elevators — more than a dozen a day — and double the number from 2001. The article … Continued

Fix It Right The First Time With Elevator Management Software

The extra expenses required to resolve jobs not fixed the first time can take a substantial chunk out of your bottom line: multiple extra truck rolls, extra labor, increased dispatch energy and attention, and lost service opportunities elsewhere. The cost burden adds up quickly for companies burdened by low first-time fix rates. As a result, … Continued

Why Preventive Maintenance Should Be Your Priority

equipment is still working with the hopes of preventing any future breaks from happening. A Preventive Maintenance program helps maximize machine longevity and reliability, rather than making repairs when a machine breaks down, saving time and money while preventing accidents before they occur. Elevator machinery is getting more complex and contractors and service companies are … Continued