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Easily manage large volumes of maintenance contracts by tracking all key dates, service obligations, billing requirements and documents associated to your maintenance agreements. Manage escalations, contract profitability and all unique requirements in one place. We help our clients manage simple contract requirements, complex client contract requirements and anything in between.

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Scheduling automation for maintenance contract management takes the work out of servicing your customers. Define the periodic service requirements and allow FIELDBOSS to automatically create the necessary work orders and service activities to get your service teams month started on the right foot.


Maintenance contract billing automation allows you to process a large amount of recurring invoicing in no time. Our sophisticated contract billing tool can help you take the manual work out of unique client billing requirements, track and perform escalations, consolodate by account or building or break it out by unit or line item as need be. As clients requests change, we make sure that doesn't result in overhead manual work by your billing team!

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Technicians can choose from a list of Inspection templates that already include the resources, information, and data to make data entry easier, more accurate, and more efficient. Technicians can upload images and videos to support their inspection concerns. Since all the Inspection checklists are digital, they can be easily output into Word or PDF file types for distribution should a customer request it.



Maintenance based reporting helps you determine the true value of your contracts. Real time determination of technician and route completion allows you to rebalance workload or reassign work before it's a problem. Detailed contract margin and profit by year of the agreement helps determine pricing when it's time for renewals or escalations. Dashboards give management a 360 view of the maintenance department.



Your Optimal Tool For Driving Revenue, Increasing Profit Margins & Growing Your Business!

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