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Ditch the Paperwork and Increase Efficiency With FIELDBOSS Mobile Forms and Checklists

Updated: Sep 10, 2020


Ask yourself a simple question: How does your field service team handle forms for maintenance, service and inspections nearly two decades into the 21st century? If you answered “on paper,” you may not have made it to this century yet, but you’re also not alone. Many field service businesses still rely on paper forms and checklists. This opens up plenty of room for error, from misplaced papers and mis-keyed entries, to inconsistent processes and procedures. The solution? Ditch the paperwork!

Replacing paper-based forms and checklists for maintenance, service, and inspections with customized field service mobile forms and checklists enables the standardization of processes and procedures across the entire organization. The technician can follow and document approved maintenance or service procedures, including the performance of tests and collection of data, while on-site which is automatically synched to the back office.

FIELDBOSS’s automated mobile forms and checklists enable your field team to easily capture required information, add notes and pictures, and go completely paperless while streamlining workflow for inspections and maintenance schedules with an easy to follow to-do list.

The benefits of mobile forms and checklists:

  1. CUSTOMIZABLE AND CONFIGURABLE Your business is unique and so are your forms and checklists. Whether it’s industry-specific or for different kinds of service calls, with configurable mobile forms and checklists, you can empower your technicians with clear instructions to reduce the margin of error.

  2. SMART CHECKLISTS Advanced feature that prompts additional questions or actions based on the technician’s answers.

  3. ALWAYS STAY COMPLIANT With ever-changing regulations, complicated equipment and so many customers, it can be hard to stay on top of what needs to be done. Automated checklists mean no step is ever skipped so you always stay compliant and avoid fines.

  4. COMPLETE AUTOMATION Have checklists automatically applied to inspection or maintenance work orders and synched directly to technician’s mobile.

  5. MANDATORY FIELDS Mandatory fields ensure no part of the inspection or procedure is missed before a work order can be closed out.

  6. SAVE TIME AND MONEY Removing the need for a technician to return to the office to hand in paperwork allows for more time spent making money.

  7. ACCURATE AND DETAILED DATA With the ability to customize forms and utilize automatic calculations, submitted data is always accurate and instantaneous. Technicians can also note when each task is completed, and follow up with pictures and notes.

  8. STREAMLINED PROCESSES Your technicians follow the same procedures to keep your standards consistent and high, completing the same work each time.

Connected mobile forms play an essential role in streamlining workflows and driving operational efficiencies by enabling a flow of information directly from the field into the back office system. The result is measurable improvements in time savings and information quality. Drive consistency, efficiency and compliance within your field services team with FIELDBOSS’s mobile forms and checklists.

Contact FIELDBOSS or request a demo to see how mobile forms and checklists can save your field service company time and money.

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