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FIELDBOSS Feature: Boost Sales Revenues From the Field With Sales Recommendations

Here’s how the automation works: once your field service mechanic finishes fixing an asset, he makes a note in the ‘Recommendations Field’ of the service ticket on his mobile app that a new backup battery is needed, which creates a ‘Sales Field Request’. That request is then sent, in real time, to your sales pipeline, where it can be managed by a sales manager, or automatically assigned based on territory or account manager (these workflows can be customized based on your business needs and processes). From there, the sales team can create a new open work order and assign it. In just two easy steps, sales recommendations go from the mechanics phone to a new work order in a matter of minutes.

One of our customers using the feature let us know how it completely changed the way they manage sales recommendations. Before, their sales team struggled with the task of having to go through the clutter of endless service tickets to find the ones with a sales opportunity. Then, they would use another system to follow up on these opportunities. Now, in just a click of a button, the sales recommendations come to THEM. They can organize, track and manage these recommendations, quickly turning them into new work orders, without ever having to look at a yellow sheet again.

Not only can the ‘Sales Recommendations’ feature streamline your business and bring more visibility to the sales process, it can also drive more business in a quicker way, creating real and immediate cost benefits for you and your staff.

Aside from driving sales, the field request increases visibility to show how much extra work was generated by each technician. You can provide incentives for your field teams to upgrade, upsell and generate new sales – then track their progress.

Contact FIELDBOSS for more information on how Sales Recommendation Automation can help your field service company run your sales process in a more efficient way.


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