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FIELDBOSS® Feature of the Month: Accounting & Service Systems Integration

Dynamics GP

Our approach when developing FIELDBOSS® was to leverage the best technology and functionality platform available so we could focus on solving industry problems and staying ahead of industry trends. The key to the system is our ability to update a work order in real time with accounting information so users have a constant view of revenue, costs, margins and markups. With 42 integration points, the work order and other objects, such as projects and dashboards, are updated continuously. Currently integrated with Microsoft GP, we plan to expand our accounting system integration to other commonly used accounting systems in the near future.

So what happens when you use an integrated system like FIELDBOSS®? You get an optimized system that helps you: invoice faster, increase your revenue, grow your business and leave a trail of happy customers.

Contact FIELDBOSS® to learn more about all the amazing features.

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