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FIELDBOSS Lift Violation Management

FIELDBOSS Lift helps your company stay compliant with Violation Management, a unique feature that is configurable for New York City (NYC) as well as other jurisdictions.

With Violation Management, users can:

  1. Create open violation tasks and assign built-in PVR codes to track    defects while managing critical dates, defect responsibility and monitor the remediation to completion.

  2. Create a quote right off the form for a repair or fix and purchase the parts right off the work order. Automatically invoice the work order once the work is completed.

  3. Allows configurable Violation Types like ECB, Category and PVT and Violation Stages.

  4. Track key category testing dates, including last date tested and next date due.

Close out violations –  and stay ahead of the curve. Elevator violation management is complex. In today’s world, with fines increasing dramatically, compliance laws are becoming stricter and so is the need to reduce costs and risks. Staying ahead of the compliance curve is a must for elevator contractors and property owners.

FIELDBOSS Lift gives you the tools you need to stay compliant, avoid headaches, and keep your team informed. Contact us for a free demo or for more information.

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