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FIELDBOSS Timesheet Processing

With FIELDBOSS, technician service activities are the digital time card for the job. The system will automatically create the timesheet, which can be reviewed and adjusted in real time as required. Additional modifications can be made, such as accurately accounting for overtime or dealing with travel time. The system will also allow for the mechanic to have a helper, and for that helper to clock in and out at different times. FIELDBOSS can also be configured to make sure staff submit time as they go through their day so no more waiting for the timesheets to come in.

Once time cards are approved, data can be filtered and viewed in lists or charts, so you can see at a glance what is going on. Typical views include:

  1. Time that has been started this week that has not been submitted

  2. Time that has been submitted but not approved

  3. Time submitted and approved

  4. Time incurred but not charged to a job

Moving along the process, FIELDBOSS can use the technician’s pre-defined burden rate, and add that cost to the job. This is beneficial since most systems do not have a way to calculate burden rates, and if they do, it is typically a manual process. With FIELDBOSS, once the technician’s burden rate is set up in the system, that rate will be referenced going forward as required.

Additionally, FIELDBOSS timesheet data can be automatically uploaded into Dynamics GP payroll, or whichever payroll program your company is using.

If time processing is creating a bottleneck for your company, contact FIELDBOSS to learn how we might be able to help you with this problem.

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