How do your service tickets measure up?

According to a recent article in The ACHR News, “A well written service ticket will present a professional image to the customer. A poorly written service ticket may leave the customer with doubts about the company and the technician.”

So presentation does matter! Professional paperwork and service tickets make a great impression with your customers and allows you to stand out against your competition. Present customers with a neatly printed or emailed service ticket that contains an accurate description of the repair, warranty information, recommendations for future repairs/replacements and any other helpful notes for the job.

With FIELDBOSS, technicians in the field can easily create quotes, present repair recommendations, create professional-looking invoices, order parts, add equipment service history, capture customer signatures, collect payments, even track the technician’s time. Real-time updates to and from the office save administrative time, office calls, and reduce errors. As a result, technicians have more time to concentrate on providing excellent service to customers.

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