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How FIELDBOSS Maintenance Management Can Help Your Company’s Valuation

Maintenance Contract Cash Flow

Contractors who bill faster get paid faster. With FIELDBOSS, you can customize the level of detail that customers receive in order to keep billing disputes, write-offs and bad debts down to a minimum. The FIELDBOSS mobile app functionality includes maintenance task management and field oversight, which reduces costly unplanned repairs, saving both you and your customer money.

Back Office Contract Management Productivity

FIELDBOSS has numerous automation capabilities so the staff who manage maintenance can get more done in their day. Business processes we typically automate include scheduling maintenance visits and tasks, purchasing, timesheet approval and accommodating your customers’ various billing requirements

Maintenance Contract Business Risk

With elevator maintenance contract profitability, the little things all add up to significantly impact your valuation. FIELDBOSS allows you to manage your elevator MCP program checklists, enforce safety procedures, and make sure that any regulatory or manufacturer requirements never slip through the cracks. When maintenance is structured and monitored, your company can focus on cash generating client service, rather than the distracting and non-cash producing activities associated with compliance or regulatory adherence.

Whether you are managing maintenance for hundreds or thousands of elevators, FIELDBOSS gives you the tools and information your company needs to stay organized, connected, and in control of your contractual responsibilities. Contact us for more information.

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