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Still using paper-based checklists? Check out the new FIELDBOSS Service Task Configurator

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Our new service task configurator:

  1. Allows for the creation of unlimited standard Service Tasks and Service Task Configurations (combinations/groups)

  2. Gives steps, checks, and tests to perform on a piece of equipment at a specific service interval (maintenance).

  3. Allows recording of test values where applicable.

  4. Provides date, time and Geo-coordinate stamping on the record to validate when and where the work was done.

  5. Allows you to flag a Service Task as S (Satisfactory), U (Unsatisfactory) or N/A (Not Applicable) and record a note and quoted amount for the Planned Maintenance Report.

Contact FIELDBOSS to learn more about FIELDBOSS 2.5.

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