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Turn Your Inventory into Cash: How to Manage Optimal Inventory Levels

FIELDBOSS 3.0 introduces support for inventory management integrated with Dynamics GP. Users can now:

  1. view stock levels at “warehouse locations” directly in Dynamics 365

  2. mark inventory items as “allocated” at the time the Work Order is created. Views are available to see the Work Orders for which the items are allocated

  3. mark stock “issuances” in Dynamics 365 and have them integrate over to GP

  4. receive a warning when placing a Work Order for out-of-stock items

FIELDBOSS allows you to get control over the inventory management process, so that you’re not manually entering pieces every time you have to build an invoice. FIELDBOSS give you updates when items are running low and helps you understand what’s being used in the field so that you can order more effectively. It also helps to ensure that technicians have what they need for each service call, resulting in greater first call resolution and more satisfied customers.

By using a more robust inventory management system that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can track the value of the inventory you currently have, keep an eye on reordering inventory that you know you’ll need, and cut down on the amount of inventory you have languishing on the shelves.

Contact FIELDBOSS for a free demo and learn how to manage optimal inventory levels. You’ll never run low on the tools you need to get the job done right the first time.

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