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When was Your Last Dynamics GP Backup?

Dynamics GP

If you want to be confident in knowing you can recover your Dynamics GP data successfully from a systems error or environmental event, make sure that:

  1. You have a clear and concise definition of when backups occur, what redundant backups are in place and who is responsible for maintaining the required routines

  2. You review your environment and systems to make sure you are taking regular Database and File backups of all the correct data and software, modified files and settings – and these backups are correctly configured.

  3. These files are in turn being backed up to an additional device and stored off-site.

  4. Testing the access to and obtaining of these off-site backups in a timely fashion is a critical step. When your business is down and you need access to data, time is of the essence.

  5. You have scheduled times to check to see that the backup systems are actively running and successful.

  6. You periodically try a Test Restore.

  7. You have access to all source media and software builds if a re-install is required.

Your Dynamics GP system backup must be a priority. Only then can you be assured that in the event of a systems mishap, you can recover your data in a timely fashion and restore functionality with the least amount of cost, stress, and downtime. Scheduling, restore testing, physical locations, and off-site backups are all things that you should consider when constructing your backup plan.

Contact FIELDBOSS if you have any questions about the quality of your current backup plan or if you would like to discuss developing a backup plan.

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