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Custom dashboards offer a complete look at your entire business, accessible by anyone who has permissions. View the most profitable customers and jobs at a high level, the most/least productive technicians, and where operational adjustments need to be made.

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FIELDBOSS takes the guess-work out of how a job is performing. Every quote has estimated margin as you're pricing the job. Every work order has full job costing and committed costs in real time. Every account, building and maintenance contract has point in time margin to help you better understand your best customers and the one's that may need to be reviewed.


The FIELDBOSS Portal allows contractors to be transparent with their customers about the great work they are doing. Our FIELDBOSS Portal can display ANY data that resides within FIELDBOSS through secure access to external contacts. Anytime access to this information can allow your customers to feel empowered and limit the impact on your back-office staff. Set yourself apart in sales opportunities by giving the customers what they want, without the paper trail!

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Monitor your key performance indicators with a Power BI report dashboard to help mitigate risk and maximize profits. Easy to read dashboards can help you analyze and visualize data and draw useful insights to help with better decision making and corrective actions.



Provide limited data externally to third party consultants or others. Determine what data you want them to see and when you would like it populated and let the system do the rest.



Real-Time Information So You Can Make Critical Business Decisions to Mitigate Risk and Maximize Profit!

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