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FIELDBOSS Client Spotlight: Action Elevator

Action Elevator

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Action Elevator Inc. is an independently owned elevator company servicing the New Jersey Metropolitan area, with headquarters in Fairfield, NJ. They are a commercial full-service provider offering repairs, installations, and maintenance for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

We spoke with Alex Trovato, Action Elevator’s Business Operations Manager and Site Representative to find out how their experience was with FIELDBOSS.

Prior to FIELDBOSS, you were using a paper-based system along with QuickBooks. What were some of the challenges you faced?

It was extremely difficult to keep track of things in real time. We would have to wait until our technicians came into the office to get the job tickets to see what was done and going on at each job. This made it difficult to keep customers informed and also caused a delay in billing. Having a paper-based system created so much filing and extra work in finding tickets and reports. Everything was stored in different places, making a comprehensive picture nearly impossible for any job.

Which features drew you to FIELDBOSS? Which features have had the biggest impact since go-live?

Managing maintenance routes is much easier now. It used to be difficult to track exactly which jobs had been done and which were still open. FIELDBOSS makes this very easy with specific views for all service activities.

A great plus is also the ability to work from home. Prior to FIELDBOSS, it was nearly impossible to be productive while working outside the office. This was especially difficult during Covid. I can now practically do anything that I can do in the office at home.

Another positive impact from FIELDBOSS has been having everything centrally located; all of our jobs, our schedules, our requests are all in one place. Being able to click in to any single device and know exactly what is going on there is precisely the transparency we were hoping for and need. This allows us to communicate better with the customers and be able to address problems more easily.

As a business owner using FIELDBOSS, do you feel you have more insight and control of your business verses before the implementation?

Yes; now when someone asks me a question, whether it is a customer or an employee, the information is much more accessible, and all in one place. Creating a schedule and tracking the technicians is much easier now. I love being able to look at the Schedule Board and have an oversight all at once of where everyone is. Every day I use FIELDBOSS, I discover new features, views, or reporting that I know will help us in the future and provide that insight that we need.

How have the technicians adapted since moving to FIELDBOSS mobile?

The technicians adapted very quickly. They enjoy using the new automated system vs being paper based. We have technicians of all ages and backgrounds, and everyone is fully using FIELDBOSS two months in.

Where do you see FIELDBOSS improving your business in the future?

FIELDBOSS is going to give us the opportunity to grow. Mundane tasks that used to take days, I can now perform in only an hour. Billing Automation is probably the biggest time saver for us. The ability to see a clearer picture of job costing and where we are profitable will allow us to make the changes we need to be successful. This allows us to be more organized, giving us the opportunity to focus on other projects, rather than pushing paper around the office all day.

Overall, how was your experience with FIELDBOSS through the planning, implementation and post go live support?

The entire process went even smoother than I thought it would. Going from paper based to any system is challenging in itself. During planning, they take so much time to learn about your company and how you operate. They want to make everything as simple as possible and curated to your needs. Josh (FIELDBOSS Senior Implementation Consultant) is incredible and so knowledgeable about the system. He really walked us through every single stage (and still is during post go live support).

We were able to go live quicker and easier than I thought we would. I was very nervous about gathering all our data and getting it into the system, but the templates provided to us made this so easy to do.

Everyone on the team is so responsive and eager to help. Any questions or problems that we had, they would take however much time necessary to make sure that it was worked out and we were comfortable.

Alex and his team at Action Elevator are awesome to work with and we, at FIELDBOSS, could not be happier to have them as a client. To learn more about Action Elevator, the services they offer and some of their very impressive projects, visit their website at

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