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FIELDBOSS Client Spotlight: ICOM Mechanical

ICOM Mechanical

Don’t Take Our Word for It. Hear What Our Clients Have to Say. Continuing our FIELDBOSS client spotlight series with ICOM Mechanical!

ICOM Mechanical offers a broad scope of mechanical services and has been proudly serving Edmonton and Northern Alberta for over 29 years!

They are experts in repair, service, installations, and maintenance and are equipped with the knowledge to deal with all your refrigeration, HVAC and mechanical building system’s needs.

Prior to FIELDBOSS, you were using Wintac software. What were some of the challenges you faced?

Some of the challenges we had with other programs included the ability to work remotely. Having the access to log into FIELDBOSS from anywhere in the world, as long as there is internet, has been a huge gamechanger. Having the ability to view data anytime and anywhere has given us the ability to make quick decisions without “having to go back to the office”.

Which features drew you to FIELDBOSS? Which features have had the biggest impact?

Labour hours account for most of our business revenue, so it’s very important to manage that correctly. Having the ability to approve timecards that are populated from each service activity gives a live labour cost to each job and the ability to adhere to budgets much more easily than manually processing each one.

Do you feel you have had more insight and control of your business on FIELDBOSS verses when on you were on Wintac?

Having the ability to create and customize the views and dashboards gives each department the means to manage their own data/information, without having to click through, or be slowed up looking at irrelevant information. As an executive, it allows me to view the information across the company but with the ability to drill down to each department with a click of button.

How has the technician experience been using FIELDBOSS mobile?

Because we were using our mobiles for work orders to begin with, it wasn’t all that difficult for the technicians to transition. It was a huge eye opener when technicians realized that the timecards would only be approved once the service activity was filled out and complete. No more, “I didn’t have time to finish my paperwork”.

Where do you see FIELDBOSS improving your business in the future?

FIELDBOSS can scale with your business very efficiently. Since inception, our business has nearly quadrupled! We have over 40 field technicians now and FIELDBOSS easily grew with us and adapted. As more and more features become available, it just keeps our business much more organized and efficient.

Overall, how was the FIELDBOSS experience through the planning, data migration, implementation, and customer support?

I’ve always been a very hands-on type of manager, so I worked very closely with the consultants during the implementation phase. At times, it was overwhelming for the staff and myself, but, after realizing all the capabilities compared to other programs, that feeling quickly passed for everyone. Every system has its pros and cons. The FIELDBOSS team really work with their clients to identify any issues and quickly resolve them.

Levi and the ICOM Mechanical team are amazing to work with and we are proud to include them as members of the FIELDBOSS family. To learn more about ICOM Mechanical, the services they offer and some of their very impressive projects, visit their website at

If you would like to learn more about how FIELDBOSS can help your business, please contact us or schedule a personalized demo.

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