Customer Story

Selco Elevators Ltd.

Discover how the largest independent elevator manufacturer in the GTA uses FIELDBOSS to integrate critical workflows, improve service response times, and enhance its reputation.

Selco Elevators Ltd.
Elevator Manufacturing
Toronto, Ontario
Selco Elevators Ltd. is the largest independent elevator company in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). With over 30 years of experience, they specialize in designing, installing, servicing, and modernizing high-end elevators for Toronto’s best residential and commercial buildings. To deliver premium elevator experiences and top-notch service, Selco employs a team of over 170 elevator specialists.


For the last decade, Selco relied on stand-alone, paper-based systems to run their operations. This approach made management challenging and obscured key business metrics due to a lack of adequate visibility. The cumbersome process of collecting and reconciling data across different business areas posed significant barriers, hindering Selco’s ability to effectively demonstrate their true value to customers.

The situation reached a boiling point where Selco could no longer scale effectively and decided it was time to make a change. The elevator manufacturing company knew a fundamental change to their business systems was required, and an interconnected system with strong internal workflows was essential. They began their search for an end-to-end system designed specifically for the elevator industry that would provide consistent real-time data and enhance operational visibility.

FIELDBOSS allows us to combine really good people with a really good system to raise the caliber of what we deliver to clients.
Stephen Taylor
Business Manager
Selco Elevators Ltd.


Selco initially reviewed multiple business applications, but many were deemed not a proper fit. Selco then learned about FIELDBOSS from industry colleagues who had recently implemented it. At that point Stephen Taylor, Selco’s Business Manager, was tasked to fully vet the software.

Selco chose to replace their outdated systems and implement FIELDBOSS with Microsoft Dynamics 365 because of its strong reputation, world-class support, high-level security, and elevator industry specific functionality. Below we are diving deeper into the specific reasons why Selco selected FIELDBOSS:


FIELDBOSS provides a single source of data integrity for Selco, where data flows through one system and everyone has access to the same record to increase efficiency and work throughput.


FIELDBOSS provides the service functionality required to improve Selco’s response times and transparency. Issues are promptly highlighted on dashboards and monthly reports can be prepared instantly.


Selco’s paper-based process from initial dispatch to client invoice was challenging and hampered by multiple changes of hands. Since the workflow is all within FIELDBOSS, Selco’s Accounts Receivable team is notified immediately.


Merging great processes with talented people minimizes reliance on individuals, boosting overall team morale. Plus, when team members change, newcomers learn and adapt more rapidly.


In their first talks with FIELDBOSS, Selco received future product release information that they didn’t get from any other company. Working with FIELDBOSS has helped them do better now and set them up for success in the years to come.

I initially found FIELDBOSS because it is built on Microsoft Dynamics platform. That means there was a global company supporting the product, with high-level security and world-class data integrity. When we looked at how FIELDBOSS functionality could help us, we realized its workflows were extremely well interconnected. We knew immediately that FIELDBOSS could help us improve our workflows, our productivity, and our performance. That was a significant selling point for us.
Stephen Taylor
Business Manager
Selco Elevators Ltd.


After a successful FIELDBOSS implementation, Selco is now operating as an integrated organization and is delivering improved results and value to their clients. According to Stephen Taylog, “FIELDBOSS has allowed us to better allocate our resources; to make more efficient use of the resources we have. Operating on gut feelings has been replaced with monitoring work activity in near real-time.”

Some areas where Selco has seen the biggest improvements are in their scheduling and dispatching departments. For example, FIELDBOSS’ Schedule Board provides a visual indication of a mechanic with too many calls on their route. If they need help, Selco’s dispatch team will find a mechanic close by who can assist. This allows the company to be more effective with their use of resources in the field and accounts for workload balancing and budgeting.

Integrated workflows have also significantly impacted the reputable elevator company. Centralized workflows within FIELDBOSS automatically enter dispatch calls as a service activity and the necessary information synchronizes to a mechanic’s mobile device. In the field, after a Mechanic enters work duration, tasks completed, and other pertinent details into their mobile device, data is synchronized back into FIELDBOSS.  Operations Managers then review service activities and determine which ones are chargeable to the client and accounts receivable team is notified immediately. “With FIELDBOSS, everything is done within a week,” explains Stephen. “Before it could be a month or more. Our customers now receive our invoices two or three days after work is completed. Each transaction is fresh in their mind, and they don’t need to contest it anymore.”

According to Selco, FIELDBOSS paid for itself within a few months. The flexible elevator field service management software has positively impacted Selco’s cash conversion cycle and is poised to generate excellent ROI for the organization for many years to come. It has also helped enhance the company’s reputation with clients, by increasing the level of trust and professionalism and ultimately building strong long-term relationships.

Selco is an innovative company always looking for new ways to be more effective and productive. Here’s what Stephen said about partnering with FIELDBOSS: “It’s very empowering when you have the right tools and investment strategy. Not just the right tool for now, but the right tool for the future. We know FIELDBOSS is working to create the best product in the market and will be around 10 years from now.”

We identify phantom losses as those not easily accounted for. Before FIELDBOSS, we were not always able to identify and correct these losses as there weren’t tools available to make them visible. FIELDBOSS has given us that clarity, so we are now systematically “plugging those holes in the bottom of the bucket.” As a result, we are increasing our service levels, driving greater revenue, and increasing our net income as we are more effective and efficient at what we are delivering, with less waste.
Stephen Taylor
Business Manager
Selco Elevators Ltd.

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