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Business as Usual from the Porch: How FIELDBOSS Helped United Drilling Overcome an Unexpected Event

United Drilling

United Drilling is a family-owned business servicing Eastern and Central United States with their home office based in rural Pennsylvania. ‘The Drilling Experts’ have decades of experience in performing Elevator Drilling, Elevator Modernizations, Natural Gas Drilling and Caisson Drilling. As a proven industry leader, they have worked with OEM’s, Independents and General Contractors on extremely unique problems and standard repeatable projects.

In 2019 United Drilling decided it was time to modernize their operations and move away from being a paper-based organization. Working in a specialized industry, they had to find a product that could be modified to suit their unique requirements and didn’t have to be built from scratch. After doing their research and meeting with the FIELDBOSS team, they decided that FIELDBOSS was the right product to help streamline their operations.

Overcoming Unplanned Events

Last month United Drilling found themselves in a situation that even their experience of over 50,000 completed projects could not have prepared them for: a COVID scare amongst their office staff.

At United Drilling, as with other FIELDBOSS customers, the technicians in the field are key resources, but the office staff are leaned on heavily, day-in and day-out. They must continue bringing in new business, invoicing completed work, progressing jobs, and dispatching their remote staff even as the unexpected occurs.

“We are a small family-owned company; there are roughly 8 of us in the office. Recently our office was hit with a COVID scare and many of us, over half, had to work from home. I have to say pricing and sending out proposals was a seamless transition (from my porch!).

In addition, scheduling and dispatching of the crews was simple and organized. Our staff, in and out of the office, were all using FIELDBOSS together (even though we were apart). All we needed was an internet connection. I couldn’t be happier with how things are progressing with this new system; thank you for your time and energy to make this work for our company!” – Joy Graber, United Drilling

FIELDBOSS is web based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which provides secure access to users via an internet browser. This means that whether you are in the office, in your car, at your kitchen table or on your porch, FIELDBOSS gives you around-the-clock, real-time access to your data so you can be productive wherever you happen to be, no matter what unexpected event is going on.

Joy and her team at United Drilling are amazing to work with and we, at FIELDBOSS, could not be happier to have them as a client. To learn more about United Drilling, the services they offer and some of their very impressive projects, visit their website at

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