4 Ways HVAC Software Can Optimize and Organize Your Service History

March 19, 2019
4 min read

Superior service is becoming increasingly important for HVAC companies attempting to differentiate themselves from the competition. Are you still on the fence about why it makes sense to invest in HVAC field service management software to improve your service? Here are 4 ways HVAC software can optimize and organize your service history to help set you apart with excellent service.

1. Keep an Up-to-Date, Real-time Customer Database

If you use a rolodex or address book to keep track of customers, it’s probably hard to keep their most recent contact information, let alone their service history, on file. It’s easy for manual customer management systems to quickly become disorganized and outdated. Also, address cards and contacts apps don’t have fields to record information about service calls, work performed, or notes on their equipment.

The best way to keep an up-to-date customer database is to use HVAC software that will keep your customer database uncluttered and updated in real-time. With HVAC software, you’ll be able to digitally store, automatically update and save all information related to your customers, such as their address, their phone number, their email address and any alternate contacts who are added to their file. You can also record information about your customer’s equipment, their service history and any service agreements they have with you. So, when you want to reference a customer’s account, you’ll be able to see much more than their name and a telephone number scribbled on a 2×4 card.

2. Real-Time Information on Service Calls

Many HVAC technicians don’t take notes about a customer’s equipment or what they observed on a service call. Those that do tend to scribble them onto a notepad, or whatever paper they can find. These notes rarely make it back to the office and if they do, most are not legible.

A comprehensive HVAC service software that offers mobile access to technicians in the field makes it easy and effective for them to log and reference notes about the customer, the current call and their prior service history while on site. Mobile access allows techs to go paperless in the field. From a tablet or smartphone, techs can complete and update their jobs along with materials, parts, labor and other charges on a work order. They can even add pictures or video for further and more detailed information.

When techs have mobile access, it also helps them look prepared, organized, and able to provide top-notch customer service. A customer is looking for all of these things, and will be more likely to become a returning customer if your techs are consistently organized and providing excellent customer service.

3. Set Reminders for Services

With so many customers, assets, and service calls, it can be challenging to remember when a customer’s due for service or needs follow-up. With automatic alerts to notify you of your maintenance jobs, detailed checklists with tasks, all the historical data of previous work done and parts used, and so much more, your HVAC service company will always be organized, efficient and prepared for every maintenance job. With an all-inclusive HAVC contractor software solution, implementing these programs has never been easier.

4. Renew Service Agreements Before They’ve Expired

An end-to-end HVAC service software allows alerts to be set up to automatically email anyone in the company (or even customers) when contracts are about to expire. This way, you know well in advance when to start working on a contract renewal so that an existing contract never falls through the cracks. You can also get automatic email notifications or dashboard views when contracts aren’t hitting the profit benchmark you set for your company.

Preventive maintenance and service contracts are the most profitable source of revenue for HVAC service companies. Businesses that perform preventive maintenance out-earn companies that don’t. Give your technicians and office employees the tools they need to sell, renew, and manage contracts.

Clearly, there is no better way to improve customer service, increase field service technician utilization, and boost service efficiency than with a comprehensive HVAC service software. By equipping your technicians with the right tools, you can start providing the best service possible to your customers, while increasing business profitability.

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