8 Reasons Why Technicians Need Mobile Field Service Apps

October 9, 2015
HVAC, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Mobility & Devices
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mobile technology for their field service workers are finding more success than their counterparts. Purchasing the right mobile field service app can empower your technicians helping them increase productivity and improve s

ervice delivery, which ultimately increases customer loyalty ensuring repeat business. Here are 8 reasons why it’s time for your HVAC-R company to equip your technicians with the right mobile field service apps:

  1. Never Fill Out A Time Sheet Again
    A good mobile field service app will allow your techs to easily record all aspects of their service call from their time spent on site, parts used and follow-up work that needs to be done. No need to fill out time consuming paperwork.
  2. Impress Customers with Knowledge and Tech Savvy

    Access your customer’s equipment and service history with the click of a button. Easily answer your customer’s questions and always have accurate calculations.

  3. Assign the Right Technician with the Right Information

    Schedulers can make accurate assignments based on actual technician location, availability and skill set. Technicians automatically receive site, problem and contact details on their device and with built in GPS can create the most efficient route for service calls.

  4. Easily provide Accurate Estimates and Quotes
    Quickly and accurately convey to the customer what needs to be done, how much the job will cost, and how long it will take.
  5. Keep Track of Parts and Inventory
    No more searching for missing parts or holding excess inventory. Always know what you need, how much to order and where to find it.
  6. No More Miscommunication with Customers

    Collecting evidence of work performed is fast and easy with photos, customer signatures, inspections and other service app-integrated means of backup for work done at a customer site.

  7. Improve Team Communication
    Easily connect with the office, other field technicians or your supervisor. Technicians can quickly connect the work they’re doing with the scheduling and service management group making for a more connected and accountable team.
  8. Eliminate Duplicate and incorrect Data Entry
    Data is collected in the field and reported in real time to the back office. Workers no longer need to manually re-enter data taken in the field or struggle to read illegible hand writing.

By providing your technicians with mobile apps, you can start providing the best service possible to your customers, while immediately increasing business profitability.

For more information on a field service mobile app for your company, contact us here.

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