Boost Operational Efficiency with FIELDBOSS and Business Central Integration

November 30, 2023
Business Central, FIELDBOSS
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In the ever-evolving landscape of field service management software, the importance of operational efficiency cannot be overstated.  

Among the many compelling reasons to choose FIELDBOSS for your field service needs, one stands out prominently: the ability to increase the competency and effectiveness of your field and office staff. While FIELDBOSS, as a standalone product, allows for data transfer to QuickBooks and other ERPs, the true magic happens when you combine FIELDBOSS with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

Business Central is more than an ERP solution – it provides the modern functionality and productivity-enhancing tools your employees need to access data quicker, communicate better, and deliver services smarter. This integration not only streamlines data flow from FIELDBOSS to Business Central but also addresses common accessibility, scheduling, and scalability challenges faced by your field service team every day.   

But don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading this blog post to find out exactly how FIELDBOSS’ Business Central integration can help you revolutionize your field service operations and increase productivity across your organization.

Process Purchase Orders with Ease and Accuracy

The most substantial impact of integrating FIELDBOSS with Business Central is the seamless data transfer between the two systems. This integration brings substantial benefits, particularly to users handling Purchase Orders and job costing.  

When a Purchase Order is generated in FIELDBOSS within an integrated environment, a corresponding Purchase Order record with itemized Purchase Order lines is automatically created in Business Central. This automation eliminates the need for the manual export/import process that non-integrated users have to endure when syncing their Purchase Orders with their ERP system of choice.  

Furthermore, this seamless integration ensures that committed costs are accurately reflected against a job in both FIELDBOSS and Business Central.

Generate a purchase order in FIELDBOSS.

View job information with every purchase order

Once a Purchase Order is integrated into Business Central, office staff can perform receiving against the PO and PO lines, which then integrates the receiving transaction back into the FIELDBOSS Work Order. This informs the service and dispatch teams that the purchased materials are now available for the job, optimizing scheduling and resource allocation. From an accounting perspective, actual cost transactions resulting from receiving and invoicing the Purchase Order in Business Central are also reported back into FIELDBOSS. This detailed financial insight empowers accountants and managers to closely monitor job costing, ensuring financial accuracy and accountability.

Easily reconcile purchase orders with open jobs.

The overall win here is the elimination of a time-consuming manual process of reconciling purchasing with open jobs. This allows office staff to redirect their time towards more value-added work, while field staff can remain focused on servicing customers.

Save Costs by Streamlining Sales Operations

Another compelling benefit of integrating FIELDBOSS with Business Central is streamlining sales operations. This integration allows for the automatic transmission of invoices from FIELDBOSS to Business Central, without the need for manual data uploads. This alone is already a win in the time saving department!

Instant Integration of invoices from FIELDBOSS to Business Central.

Track customer financial and operational information from one place.

But the advantages don’t stop there. For businesses that deal with complex billing scenarios, such as progression billing or billing based on maintenance contracts, having invoice data automatically integrate with Business Central not only eliminates manual work but also reduces the risk of incorrect data entry or missed billing opportunities.  

In addition, once the invoice is integrated into Business Central, FIELDBOSS customers have access to our powerful Invoice Automation feature. This functionality automatically processes, sends, or prints invoices based on the customer’s billing preferences. This automated process will get your invoices out the door faster and avoid cashflow issues caused by delayed billing!

Reap the Benefits of FIELDBOSS’ Business Central Integration

Growing HVAC, elevator, and specialty field service companies, like yours, can gain substantial benefits from the seamless integration between FIELDBOSS and Business Central. By harnessing the power of integrated purchasing and sales capabilities, you can significantly improve productivity and performance across your entire field service operations. Beyond purchasing and sales, FIELDBOSS and Business Central offer integrated processes for handling customer accounts, managing building locations, tracking multi-warehouse and inventory, timecard and payroll, and so much more.   

To find out more about FIELDBOSS and how Business Central integration can directly impact your field service business, book a personalized demo with the FIELDBOSS team! We will dive deeper into the advanced purchasing and sales features, highlight exactly where you can cut costs and amplify employee productivity, and answer any questions you have.

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