Ensure the Safety of Your Technicians with Mobile Checklists

April 8, 2021
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It is essential to create a safe and healthy workplace in order to protect your employees. This is especially important for field service companies. Mobile workers face unique challenges and are regularly subjected to many hazards such as electrical equipment, heavy machinery, power tools, isolated locations, heights, ladders, weather and more. No employer likes to think about one of his or her workers being hurt or even killed on the job. However, due to the nature of their jobs, field workers are far more vulnerable than traditional office workers.

As an employer of field workers, sometimes it is out of your control and you cannot always protect your technicians, especially in the case of freak accidents. However, you can do everything in your power to provide your techs with the proper tools, information, and safety precautions to keep them prepared for such risks.

FIELDBOSS Health and Safety

10 ways FIELDBOSS field service software can improve field worker safety:

  1. Technicians can easily view what work was previously completed on-site.
  2. Work orders or digital forms with mandatory or sequenced actions guarantee that field technicians are adhering to the proper safety processes in the field. For instance: they are unable to move to the subsequent stage of the work order without verifying that the main power has been shut down.
  3. Access to comprehensive data about equipment.
  4. Techs can emphasize safety concerns via pictures and videos.
  5. Updated job site information is easily shared, you can dispatch the latest health and safety forms, or notify field workers about new regulations.
  6. Links to tips, how-to-videos, and regulation manuals are easily accessible on their mobile device.
  7. Management can use past health and safety data to help predict and avoid potential incidents.
  8. You can view the quantity of incidents per region, office, and/or team, and identify the best and worst performing sites and teams.
  9. Share top performers to determine best practices throughout the company.
  10. Safety data and reports can be easily accessible to both internal stakeholders and industry regulators.


FIELDBOSS mobile has many health and safety checklists that help your contractor business methodically ensure that all procedures are clear, consistent, effective and can be created in a way that is easy for your field staff to access and complete.

With FIELDBOSS Mobile Checklists, contractors can tailor their health and safety checklists in ways to mitigate injury and illness risk that work for their specific company. While larger independent companies have dedicated safety departments, smaller contractors can leverage these capabilities to deliver a culture of safety that matches or exceeds their larger competitors. FIELDBOSS customers also have a significant added efficiency benefit in that the solution is embedded as part of the business management system, so there is no need for additional software to license, manage and support.

FIELDBOSS Health and Safety Checklists

  1. Site Management
  2. Job Hazard Assessment
  3. Work Area Assessment
  4. Permits
  5. Project Manager Communication
  6. Posted Information
  7. Worker Competence and Supervision
  8. Personal Protective Equipment
  9. Contractor Equipment
  10. Barricades and Hoarding
  11. Hot Work
  12. Lock Out
  13. Chemicals
  14. Ladders, Scaffolds and Fall Protection
  15. Emergency Procedures

FIELDBOSS Mobile Checklist Screenshots

Work Area Assessment

Job Hazard Assessment

Personal Protective Equipment

With the proper safety protocols in place, your team can:

  • Minimize accident risks and help prevent workplace injuries.
  • Enhance compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Reduce costs, including considerable drops in workers’ compensation premiums.
  • Create a safe workplace culture.
  • And increase efficiency and improve overall business operations.

FIELDBOSS contractor management software can help you ensure the greatest level of safety for your technicians by giving you the tools you need to stay compliant, avoid headaches, and keep your team safe and informed. Contact us for a free demo or for more information.