FIELDBOSS Feature Video: Safety Test Management

July 13, 2022
Elevators, HVAC
3 min read

The Safety Test Management feature within FIELDBOSS is designed to assist with managing pre-determined or equipment mandated testing requirements. Staff can see, schedule, dispatch, perform and update testing through a defined process so you never miss equipment safety requirements again.


What are Safety Tests Used For?

The Basics – FIELDBOSS customers use Safety Tests to manage all types of company, equipment, or government mandated testing on equipment they service.

Elevator Industry Examples – In the elevator industry, government mandated Category Testing varies by governing body. Tracking Category 1, Category 5, Reschackling and other tests can be managed for the lifetime of that elevator.

HVAC Industry Examples – Boilers, chillers and other equipment have specific requirements from manufacturers and governing bodies for required maintenance. These requirements can be tracked in addition to standard maintenance for reporting purposes.

Other Industry Examples – FIELDBOSS customers specializing in power generation, solar, drilling, and much more are experiencing the need to track and report on required testing.

What Information is Tracked for Safety Tests?

  • Equipment specific information
  • Test recurrence period
  • Last test and next test due dates
  • Description of testing requirements
  • Whether the test needs to be quoted or is covered under an agreement
  • Full history of tests

How are Safety Tests Managed?

In FIELDBOSS, Safety Tests are created and managed from the day you begin service on a piece of equipment to the day that equipment is retired.

  • Safety Test Setup Setup one or many safety tests required on a piece of equipment, provide the testing requirements and whether these tests are covered under an agreement or need to be quoted before performance.
  • Managing Safety Tests – Safety tests queue up prior to their due date. Create work orders or quotes based on contract requirements and schedule the work out to the performing technicians.
  • Safety Testing in the Field – Technicians receive service activities to perform the safety tests. They can detail out testing tasks that were performed using FIELDBOSS Inspections and identify if the test was successful or failed. The system will automatically queue up the next test dates or alert management of a failed test as need be.
  • Reporting on Safety Tests – Dashboards help the service team identify upcoming, overdue and in progress tests based on their priority and completion. These standard FIELDBOSS reports help take the stress out of managing 1000’s of tests across your client base.

The Future of Safety Tests

As equipment and technology advance, further testing requirements are coming to all industries. Having a tool to help your team manage those tests, report on those results, and provide technicians with the information they require is essential.

If you have any questions about Safety Tests or would like to see its full capabilities in a live demo with one of our experts, please contact us or schedule a personalized demo.